Agressive driving and battery life

Agressive driving and battery life

Ok, so think of this scenario:

Bob and John are neighbors. They get a Model S 300 mile pack, sports version, at the same time. They both drive to and from work 5 days a week, 45 weeks a year. Bob is a hothead – he loves to floor it, he drives fast often going >130 km/h. John is careful and calm, drives “eco-friendly”, rarely goes fast, uses a lot of regenerative braking.

Bob has only 25 km a day to drive, while John drives 50 km per day. However, due to their different driving styles John manages to do this using the same amount of energy as Bob (i.e. twice as efficiently) so that when they come home every day both cars show 50% capacity. They both charge over-night and both start each day with a standard charge of some 80%.

Now, after say 3 years, who’s battery will be in the best condition (that is the least “worn”, best residual capacity, best performance)?

Mind you both neighbors have had the exact same total energy consumption during these 3 years – the exact same amount of charge-discharge to the battery.

Is it:

A) John’s – because he has driven more carefully and put less “strain” on the battery.

B) Both packs will have the exact same condition because they have had the exact same amount of charge-discharge.

C) Bob’s – because he has driven half the amount of km and done this in probably less than half of the time.

This is not a trick question by the way, and I don’t know the answer (that’s why I’m asking).