It's Back! The referral program is back...

It's Back! The referral program is back...

But this time, the reward is 1000 miles of super charging for the recipient and the referrer. This should lessen the pimping of codes.

But it will still happen because every month someone will win a founder's series Model Y, and every quarter someone will win a Founder Series Roadster.

So no definitive benefits like wheels, but the pimping will still happen of course!

Here is all the info.

lilbean | March 21, 2019

Boo! I was happy to see that gone. Oh well!

SCCRENDO | March 21, 2019

It looks like all the previous awards have disappeared. I never recieved my 3rd award which was a useless solar token. I am now listed as having 0 referals. I was always happy to refer without a referral award. But if they offer them they need to deliver.

AZGLFR | March 21, 2019

Minejust reappeard today .

ens | March 21, 2019

Not much of benefit for owners with unlimited supercharging

reed_lewis | March 22, 2019

You do have a chance to win a Model Y or Roadster. If you already have unlimited super charging, you get two entries into the contest.

But considering that there will be many referrers, the chances of winning anything are very low.

But I do like the fact that youtubers who have already 'won' a Roadster are not eligible to receive another Roadster. But someone could have 100 referrals a month with already free super charging, and receive nothing as part of this new program.

Jg013d | March 22, 2019

I have ordered my Tesla but have not yet taken delivery. Is there a way to add the referral code of the friend who introduced me to the car before I take delivery?

reed_lewis | March 22, 2019

You could call Tesla and ask them. How long ago did you order? You might be able to cancel and re order also.

Jg013d | March 22, 2019

@reed_lewis the prices have gone up $1500 since I ordered a week ago. I will ask my delivery coordinator when and if I hear from him/her. Delivery is in 4 days. | March 22, 2019

Yup. A bad program...back.

Jason.ferayorni | March 22, 2019

I must be going crazy, where do you see your own referral code to give out?

reed_lewis | March 22, 2019

It is in your app in the upper right corner, and also on this page:

reed_lewis | March 22, 2019

I happen to think this one is a little better because the only definitive reward is the 1000 miles of super charging. You 'might' win a car, but since there are so many people who will refer, the chances are very low.

Mike83 | March 22, 2019

I think winning a Roadster or a MY has better odds than the lottery. But my luck on these programs is not good although I have convinced people to consider Tesla. Best of luck to those who try.

jordanrichard | March 22, 2019

Just to inject some reality here about winning a car. You have to be able to afford winning a car. Personal experience from when I was 20 yrs old. I won a brand new Corvette in 1987, retail price $29,784. 100% of which Uncle Sam added to my part time job income. Guess who owed a carp load of money come tax season.........

BTW, I didn't keep the car, hell I didn't even drive it. I traded it in on a brand new Camaro Z28 and got a check for $8,000. Of course being 20, having what seemed like a million dollars, I got stupid and long story short, come tax season, I didn't have the $7,000 I needed to pay taxes.

Anyways, don't get too excited about winning a car.

reed_lewis | March 22, 2019

In the round that had the 5 winners of a tour of SpaceX I had a 1 in 900 chance of winning based on the number of cars sold and the number of referrals I had. Of course I did not win.

I would be willing to bet that I will not win the roadster. I would have to sell it just to pay the taxes, insurance, and excise tax. The Model Y would be more do able, because you would have to pay income tax on the price of the car. Still a pretty good deal.

SCCRENDO | March 22, 2019

Good news. The douychebags are also back

SCCRENDO | March 22, 2019

These douchebags are persistent
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danieldepena | March 23, 2019

how i can get my referral code if i have preorder one and not delivered

Yodrak. | March 23, 2019

"how i can get my referral code if i have preorder one and not delivered"

You don't. Until you actually buy the car.

Tesla2018 | March 23, 2019

If you won a Tesla charger or kiddy car or updated wheels in the previous program, did you have to show that as income on your tax return? Or does the value of the prize have to be over a certaint amount?

SCCRENDO | March 23, 2019

Generally over $600 you get a 1099

reed_lewis | March 23, 2019

I got the wheels and never got a 1099. But I am going to get one for my powerwalls.

Oh well

Yodrak. | March 23, 2019

Because the power walls are an energy efficiency home improvement that get you a tax credit or deduction? (Not sure which, but I took the energy efficiency whatever when I replaced my cheap 'builder grade' windows with qualifying ones.)

Sakri | March 25, 2019

@Jg013d did they add referral code after the order and before delivery please update!!!

Jg013d | March 26, 2019

@patibandla.saik, they said that because I ordered my car during a time when the referral program did not exist, they could not add the referral code to my order. Obviously I am not going to cancel my order and re-order it because prices have since gone up $1500.

reed_lewis | March 26, 2019

@Jg013d - Good idea. Getting about $80 worth of supecharging for a $1500 penalty is not a good deal.

marklaitys | March 29, 2019

SO is my referral code marklaitys? I want to start referring people but not sure what my referral code is.

reed_lewis | March 29, 2019

You can get it either from the mobile app. Select the loot box in the upper right hand corner, or the webpage:

SCCRENDO | March 29, 2019

But please don't share you referral code with us. We don't care