Annual Service (Prepaid Maintenance Plan)

Annual Service (Prepaid Maintenance Plan)

I read somewhere recently that Tesla was no longer recommending scheduled annual service as EV's do not need much service as the argument went. If this is true, I should probably forego the annual service plan I was considering for my recently acquired Model S. I did purchase the plan for my last model S and indeed I sort of lost money on that as I only kept the car for 3 years after purchasing the original 4 year plan and the maintenance plan transfers with the car. I wonder what experience others who never purchased a maintenance plan have had. Incidentally, my new car is leased and possibly annual maintenance is required as part of the lease. I'll have to check that but meanwhile this may still be an apt discussion for those who own their cars out right.

jordanrichard | March 29, 2019

I think you are confusing things. You could not have lost money on a service plan. That is where you are paying for the recommended annual services, in advance but at a discount. Now, the "Extended Service Agreement" which is very poorly worded expression for "extended warranty", that one could lose money on. I did not go with the extended warranty on my MS and had I bought it, it would have cost me $800 over and above the initial $4,000 for the warranty.

Per Tesla new recommendations, for those that had purchased the service plan, they will get refunded for any unused annual services. That is on their Blog about the change.

DermMD | March 29, 2019

@Jodarrichard not confusing things at all. I did buy what you chose to call the annual service plan. In 2015 this was part of the original plan which sold for as long as 4 years. I believe it was changed to a watered down and cheaper plan for 3 years in 2016. I ordered my current Model S in September 2018 before I sold the first one. At that time (and I have an email to this effect) my local store sales consultant told me that I would be losing the unused 4th year service as it transferred with the car. Not discussing warranty at all here. I will however look into the blog you discuss and ask whether I can be refunded after the fact. Not holding my breath but that plus the signature wall connector I received would be a worthwhile discount for the price I paid for my FSD (Not complaining about the cheaper FSD now at all.)

jordanrichard | March 30, 2019

DermMD, “..the annual service plan”, is not a term I came up with. That is what it is. A pre paid service plan. You got 4 Annual Services for a fixed price which worked out to be cheaper than if you were to pay as you go.

Here is the link and as you can see at the bottom, they talk about refunding the un-used portion of any pre-paid service plans.

DermMD | April 1, 2019

@jordanrichard thanks.
I'll follow up on this as I did buy the 4 year package of the Annual Service Plan.