Our Genius in Charge on Electric Cars

Our Genius in Charge on Electric Cars

"President Trump hasn’t minced his words—or his policy—in declaring that he doesn’t think electric cars are a good idea.

At a Thursday night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump took his electric-car criticism to a new (and somewhat hard-to-follow) level, jumping from jabs about the Green New Deal to a suggestion that the policy will limit the number of vehicles per household.

“No more aeroplanes, no more cows, one car per family,' he said, adding: 'You know, I don’t think one car per family in Michigan plays too well, do you?'

Trump then sounded for a moment like he was channeling some thoughts of his own about range anxiety: 'And it’s got to be of course an electric car, even if it only goes...160 miles? What do you do with 160 miles...Darling, where do I get a charge?'"

A Few Answers for Genius:
1. 90-95% of charging takes place at home. I only need a supercharger when I'm on the road.
2. 160 miles is misleading. New models typically top 200 miles. Some (i.e. Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X (295 miles)) have EPA ranges exceeding 300 miles. Most of the recently announced models made by other companies that begin showing up in showrooms tend to go from 240-300 miles.
3. If I'm bustling around town, I will have the following options to charge by the end of this year within a 40 mile radius of my house FOR FREE:
Existing superchargers:
Buford, GA Supercharger, 1695 Mall of Georgia Blvd 30519
Lenox Road Supercharger, 3393 Peachtree Rd 30326
Lenox Road Supercharger, 3393 Peachtree Rd 30326 (there are 2 stations @ Lenox Square)
Atlantic Station, 1380 Atlantic Dr 30363
Coming in 2019:
Cumberland Mall, Smyrna, GA (NW Metro Atlanta)
Sandy Springs, GA (NW metro Atlanta)
College Park, GA (S metro Atlanta)
Forest Park, GA (S metro Atlanta)

How many times have I needed to use any of these superchargers? Zero in 18 months of happy Model X driving.
4.If I'm on the road, heading East the nearest supercharger is 70 miles from my house. Heading South, 10 miles, then 90 miles away there are two. Heading north, 100 miles. Heading NE, 30 miles, then 80 miles to the next one. Heading West, around 70 miles, then another 40 miles. Heading SW, 10 miles to Atlantic Station, then another 80 miles in Opelika, AL. Blah, blah, blah.
5. Tesla has reached the point where superchargers are within 150 miles of every point in the nation. The company continues to open new sites, around 1-2 weekly in the U.S.
5. Our genius in charge once again exhibits he rarely knows what he is talking about.

SCCRENDO | April 1, 2019
reed_lewis | April 1, 2019

@dmm1240 - You are 'preaching to the choir' about the advantages of EVs. But remember it is not people here who have to be convinced. It is the doubting public.

TabascoGuy | April 1, 2019

Rarely? That's generous of you.

Mike83 | April 1, 2019

Although I am non judgemental of any religion I have to say this Pope is very smart and he has a Chemistry degree with a extensive understanding of Global Warming. Not so much the person mentioned who may need an eye exam.

carlk | April 1, 2019

Didn't he own a Model S?

SCCRENDO | April 1, 2019

It's not clear. Some say it could have been a Roadster

Yodrak. | April 1, 2019

"President Trump hasn’t minced his words—or his policy—in declaring that he doesn’t think electric cars are a good idea."

Isn't it clear to you by now that what Trump says at his rallies is what his audience wants to hear?

blue adept | April 1, 2019

What's his deal with the moo-moos?

Like cows are a danger to anyone?!?

Nexxus | April 2, 2019

@blue adept,

It's that the moo moos release methane than has a bad effect on the atmosphere and Trump likes to tout this to his followers that the climate change people say is contributing to the overall change in our atmosphere. He loves to get the anti-climate crowd wound up.

Tesla-David | April 2, 2019

Drumpf spreads misinformation on so many things, and is such a serial liar, it is sad beyond belief that he has followers, who really don’t care to know the truth, just believe the BS and lies. We have to keep talking to anyone who will listen, give rides to interested folks. One ride is usually all it takes to turn most EV skeptics around IMHO.

SCCRENDO | April 2, 2019

@tesla-david. If he owned or owns one you don't believe he actually drove it

Ross1 | April 3, 2019

can he drive? has a licence?

TabascoGuy | April 5, 2019

They aren't a good idea? Why? Because he won't get his palms greased as much.

jimglas | April 5, 2019

flag the troll datsvetkova25

Tesla-David | April 5, 2019

Drumpf is a complete moron/buffoon with idiot followers who believe his BS. Here is the latest lie from this disgusting piece of pond scum.

"Trump Falsely Claims Noise From Wind Turbines Causes Cancer "

jimglas | April 5, 2019

but he loves hamberders with a fine cup of covfefe. Don't forget the Oranges!

sosmerc | April 6, 2019

I sure hope when the Dems get back in control that they don't give us the same disgusting pile of crap to complain about here. The pendulum always swings it seems.

SCCRENDO | April 6, 2019

The pendulum has fallen off its attachments.