There Is Cause for Optimism (EV Adoption/Combating Climate Change)

There Is Cause for Optimism (EV Adoption/Combating Climate Change)

Headlines for first page articles on two websites devoted to EVs/Clean Energy (Electrek & Clean Technica)
Here are the links to the the two pages with only today's stories listed:
Clean Technica:

ELECTREK'S Front Page:
Tesla is unlocking more power in existing Supercharger
Tesla electric semi truck production back into focus
Youth worldwide climate strike: photos and videos
Tesla Model Y unveil: What to expect
Dem to introduce bill that would expand electric vehicle tax credit
BYTON completes winter test for all-electric SUV, aims to start production by end of the year
Ford's 'Go Electric' event in Europe goes mostly hybrid
Canada is warming at 'double the magnitude' of global warming, report says
FluidFreeRide's crazy powerful wide wheel electric scooter just got better (and is on sale)
VW is expanding its electric lineup with full-size SUV
Shell's exit from US refining lobby a first — and a sign of the times on climate
Tesla is working on new voice command features in move towards AI assistant
GM promised to introduce 2 new EVs by now, where are they?
EGEB: Mass. offshore wind, Ohio renewables lagging, Norway wind, and more
Volkswagen is planning to make a sub-$22,500 all-electric vehicle
Hacks show how Tesla Autopilot can be tricked
The numbers are in and Tesla Model 3 is invading Europe
$76 million proposal would double public EV charging stations in North Carolina
BYD introduces 27-meter long K12A, the 'world's longest pure electric bus'
Tesla Model 3 pushes Norway's EV sales to new record: 58% of new cars are electric
All-electric Volvo XC40 SUV to debut this year, report says

Ford Claims 370 Mile Range For Electric SUV, Brings PHEV Power to Explorer & Cargo Vans
Tesla Q1 Production & Delivery Forecast
Tesla Model 3 Sales Booming in China, While Gigafactory 3 Construction Going 24/7
Duke Energy Will Invest $76 Million In Electric Car & Bus Charging In North Carolina
City Of Sydney Announces 100% Renewable Energy Target
FP&L (Florida Power & Light) Plans World's Largest Energy Storage Battery To Support Its Renewable Energy Goals
SunPower Named Top US Commercial Solar Provider in 2018, Among Top Solar Manufacturers
The Top 16 Largest Consumer Goods Companies: A Carbon Reduction Report Card
MHI Vestas To Supply 9.5 Megawatt Turbines for Kincardine Floating Offshore Wind Park
US Energy Storage Solution: Giant Coal-Killing Water Batteries
Will Tesla Surprise Wall Street With Model 3 (Q1 2019) Production?

Not all articles leave clean energy advocates with a warm feeling, but most do. Look at the volume. Car companies finally getting on board and introducing new EV models, private industry moving into renewables including utilities, government getting behind the effort (even ours), record sales for EVs, the Model 3 in particular, VW taking charge in the EV push among European car companies, Tesla going all out in China, and yes, indications that Tesla will once again frustrate Wall Street by getting close, though probably not surpassing, 2018 Q4 in sales, the best in the company's history.

It could be worse!

Mike83 | April 3, 2019

And Tesla started it all. Bravo.