What is the difference between EAP and FSD?

What is the difference between EAP and FSD?

I bought enhanced autopilot in december 2018. What is the difference between EAP and full self driving bought in 2019?

Will I get advanced summon?
Will I get autopilot that can see and react (stop) at stop signs and stop lights?
Will it auto steer?

I am hoping that it is the same as FSD but with human confirmation (hands on the wheel) while FSD requires zero human interaction.

hokiegir1 | April 5, 2019

1) Current communication has said yes
2) Current communication has said no -- this is a FSD feature
3) It already does

Rt002k | April 5, 2019

All indications are that FSD features, when they are ready, will still need human confirmation moreso due to regulatory requirements than functionality.

Rt002k | April 5, 2019

Once regulations catch up, then they would remove the human requirement.

Mike UpNorth | April 5, 2019


So those of us with EAP (no FSD) *WILL* get advanced summon? I was under the impression it fell on the FSD side.

rdavis | April 5, 2019

Rt002k | April 5, 2019
Once regulations catch up, then they would remove the human requirement.

I kinda feel they won't remove that until they remove the "human" completely from ALL CARS on the road... IE, FSD is a requirement, not an option for all cars, not just Tesla.... but that's just me thinking...

dsvick | April 5, 2019

@Mike UpNorth, for what it's worth Elon has said that, yes, we will get advanced summon.

Mike UpNorth | April 5, 2019

thanks again

hokiegir1 | April 5, 2019

@Mike - as @dsvick said, *so far* Advanced Summon is still an EAP feature. Of course, there have been changes before, so it's possible that could fall through, but as of now, it's supposed to.

Mike UpNorth | April 5, 2019

Things could change....agreed...noted....

lbowroom | April 5, 2019

Having a regular summon that EAP buyers retain while having an advanced version for FSD purchasers doesn't seem likely to me. I think EAP owners will get whatever improvements are made to it.

Techy James | April 5, 2019

Way I understand it. EAP for those early adopters will include feature Navigate on Autopilot. I believe the Enhanced Summon is reserved for car that have had the FSD.

RichardKJ | April 5, 2019

My understanding is that Enhanced Summon is for those who have Summon, i.e. EAP or AP+FSD.

M3BlueGeorgia | April 5, 2019

FSD also includes the new compute engine.

While I expect the EAP features will work much better with the 10X faster frame processing, we've not seen any benchmarks or educated analysis.

tomasrey88 | April 5, 2019

what i meant by "will it auto steer" is will it go down a street, then turn left and go down another street on eap in a future update?

also, will it auto chane lanes & drive the freeway off ramp to enter another freeway?

jfulton67 | April 5, 2019

I was went to the store where I made my purchase, and they are just as confused as we are. I spent an hour with customer service, and they assured me whatever features I currently have in beta, will be upgraded going forward. I still have questions unanswered, but Tesla assures me I will not loose any feature I currently have. I took delivery on January 7, 2019, with EAP, which included beta Autopilot on navigation, Summons, Self Parking, Auto Steer.

lordmiller | April 5, 2019

RichardKJ and lbowroom are correct. Why does everybody keep asking the same questions? It's fairly obvious by now who gets what, you don't have to have a @Magic8Ball to figure it out. | August 19, 2019

Here is a nice chart with the differences...

2015P90DI | August 19, 2019

Chart seems to forget "Advanced Summon". If I remember correctly, that's only being released to owners with FSD and not to EAP cars? EAP has the basic version of Summon (forward and back only), but I thought only FSD buyers get the advanced version where it will come pick you up in the parking lot, whenever it gets released. Tesla's description has, for a while now, indicated that it's a feature the cars "currently" have. | August 19, 2019

@2015P90DI Elon confirmed that Advanced Summon was part of EAP, only difference between EAP and FSD is city driving and Robo Taxi (if that happens)

lbowroom | August 19, 2019

What is the difference between EAP and FSD?

About $3,000

EVRider | August 19, 2019

The chart also doesn’t mention Auto Lane Change, which is included with EAP and FSD but not the new basic AP.