Blindspot Detection Limited

Blindspot Detection Limited

I've had my Model 3 since mid-February (2019). I noticed the "Blindspot Detection Limited - Camera Visibility Reduced" message appear on my screen on April 11. I went to check out my cameras and the two on the pillars both had a mist on them (from inside the pillars). The message went away after a while when the mist dried. Is this normal?

LBTed13 | April 11, 2019

I've experienced this at least twice a week for the last 2-3 weeks. I did a chat with a Tesla rep on the website who said to power down the car, and start it back up. Did it this morning so I'm waiting to see if that helped resolve the issue over the next few days. The rep also said if it happens again, to call support and request a diagnostic and commented they will request time stamps on when the messages occurred.

stephenfootball | April 11, 2019

I started getting that message after update 8.5. Only on the first drive of the day for a few seconds then it goes away.

pmagid | April 11, 2019

You can also get it from interference from powerful airport radar stations. Not as frequently as before.... But it still happens. The wording of the message keeps getting changed, but its the same problem.

Carl Thompson | April 11, 2019

Can you try cleaning the side marker cameras and see if that helps?

RickM3 | April 11, 2019

I got the message after the 2019.8.5 upgrade, it shows up on the screen every time I park the car close to a wall or something blocking the camera view.

M3phan | April 11, 2019

@RickM3: me too.

I also got it when weather was inclement, as in foggy or misty. By not rainy.

LBTed13 | April 11, 2019

I've received it getting in to the car in the morning when it's a little moist outside. I've also received it in the afternoon when it is clear and dry out.

texxx | April 11, 2019

I see every morning as I pull out of the garage. Disappears as soon as I'm past the garage walls.

mikes | April 12, 2019

Got the message the first time after 2019.8.5 upgrade. But had previously issues with similar messages and it always disables auto lane change. I have experienced the issue caused by the airport radar, as I pass the airport daily on the interstate, but it looks like this may have improved with 8.5 upgrade. On the other hand I get more autopilot messages due to rain, mist and fog now. Checked cameras several times when messages pop up, but the only camera that is always dirty is the back up camera. I usually turn it on to see how bad it is and sometimes it is really bad without having any issues, other times it looks alright and get the fault message. As per Mobile tech that camera is part of the system for autopilot.

lbowroom | April 12, 2019

Well, I'll answer the OP's specific question about mist on the inside of the B-pillar. It makes sense that the detection is limited if the camera is fogged from the inside. No, it isn't normal for the B-pillars to be fogged on the inside, you should have it checked by service.

iLuvDividends | April 14, 2019

I started getting this with 2019.8.5 whenever I pull into my garage. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Paul.r.freedman | April 15, 2019

I get it sporadically. Humidity is not the problem as I live in Palm Springs. However, we do live close to the airport. I am also on 2019.8.5. I called this in to service last week. I’m hoping for a software update soo. To resolve this. It is frustrating that when you call service and they say a case is opened, you never have evidence of it in your Tesla account.

Rt002k | April 15, 2019

I got it a few times this morning. Interestingly enough, it was as I was driving directly into the sun, which is odd because that should affect the front camera not the blindspot cameras. It was repeatable too as the road curved away and towards the sun.