Sound does not come on when playing music from my phone

Sound does not come on when playing music from my phone

Hello all! Today when I started driving, I realized that my music is not playing, I switched to radio - the same result. Anybody knows how I can reset the sound? Or should I call Service? Thx! | April 13, 2019

Click on the bluetooth icon on top right, make sure your phone is connected. There should be a button to connect media something. Click on that to play sound from your phone

EVRider | April 14, 2019

Check the volume on your phone. Other people (including me) have discovered the volume mysteriously turned all the way down.

gballant4570 | April 14, 2019

OP, if you are simply getting no sound out of your speakers, try rebooting the car. If there still is no sound, you might need to schedule service.....

Kevin.Tesla | April 14, 2019

Just need to turn max on bluetooth volume on the phone.

lbowroom | April 14, 2019

Did you read the part where he says his radio doesn't have sound either?

-TheJohn- | April 14, 2019

I hesitate to say to make sure your volume is on but I've totally made the Oh Duh my cars Volume is at 0 so I thought I'd mention it. I've done it several times.. /shameadmitted