Dash Cam Help

Dash Cam Help

For My Tesla cam I am using a 32GB sandisk Memory stick. It does record front, right and left cameras but only seems to record an hour at a time and starts over, overwriting all the files. I looked at the memory stick on my laptop and it shows 24,2 GB free of 29.2 GB. Do I have something set wrong? I expected it to fill up the memory stick and then start overwriting at the beginning like my Garmin Dashcam does in my other cars. Any help would be appreciated

Magic 8 Ball | April 15, 2019

Working normal. Only records the most recent hour and writes over it. If you "save" while you are driving you will save the 10 minutes before each time you save which will start filling up stick. Also sentry mode will save files to the stick so with a large stick it can take time to fill it up.

bigroccrek | April 15, 2019

Thanks M8B seems odd that they wouldn't just keep saving the files until the stick is full and then start over at the beginning and overwrite. That is how most of the dashcams I have and have had in the past work.

bigroccrek | April 15, 2019

Can you tell me how to "save" Is it just touching the recording icon or touch and hold??

stopnair | April 15, 2019

Just touch once and it would save the past 10 mins. Touch and hold would stop the dashcam recording

Resist | April 15, 2019

I'm trying to figure out why today after driving around, that my recent fold was empty. There should have been dash cam video in there. And yes the dash cam icon was showing the red record button.

apodbdrs | April 15, 2019

@bigroccrek try reading the Operator's Manual, it is all in there!

BobDobbs | April 15, 2019

bigroccrek, adjust your strangely rational ICE expectations and cling fast to what is obviously the future. The even further good news is you have the opportunity to wait a potentially long period of time for a software update which might limit recording to 30 minutes instead of an hour, which is twice as good, as all who believe understand.

bigroccrek | April 16, 2019


I read the Owner's Manual and yes there is information there but not much I was just looking for some other owners input. Thanks for responding.

bigroccrek | April 16, 2019


Nothing magic about you, name says it all.

EVRider | April 16, 2019

@bigroccrek: One thing the manual doesn’t tell you is that Sentry Mode will not overwrite old files, and if the USB fills up both the dashcam and Sentry Mode will stop recording. If you plan to use Sentry Mode, you should get a bigger USB drive.

Carl Thompson | April 16, 2019


@Magic Asshat is someone joking around by lampooning the attitudes of our resident pro-Tesla troll @Magic 8 Ball. He appears to be using imitation and sarcasm to suggest that the tesla-and-teslas-are-completely-perfect attitude is not helpful.

PittCaleb | April 16, 2019

@EVRider What do you rec for a new drive purchase? Expecting my Model 3 next week, read faq on size, speed, etc. Have a 128 GB in my amazon cart, should I 'splurge' and go for 256 - kinda seems unnecessary if it write 3 gb/hr. Recommendations?

fyi, I also ride a Zero

EVRider | April 16, 2019

@PittCaleb: You might find this TelsaTap article helpful:

My wife's Model 3 is using a Lexar JumpDrive S75 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive ( I didn't buy this specifically for video -- I originally bought it to replace a SanDisk USB I was using for music in my Model S, because I thought it might resolve some loading errors I was having, but it made no difference.

I just got a SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive ( for video in my Model S. Both our Model 3 and Model S are using an older and smaller (64GB) version of this USB drive for music.