Good time to go private, Elon

Good time to go private, Elon

Shares at $235...ouch. All-time low for me.
Now sit back and lettuce see EM pull another rabbit out of the bag.

EVRider | April 26, 2019

Buying opportunity.

ihara | April 26, 2019

Very sad about the quite low stock price. Can Tesla survive?

Ross1 | April 26, 2019

Journalists and investors alike seem unaware of Tesla's mission, which is to get the whole industry electric. You might say it is now done.
The share price is incidental. However if EM had wanted to buy TSLA, he just manipulated it, not saying he did but that is what you would do, all these steps.
EM and SpaceX could take over TSLA right now I would think.

andy.connor.e | April 26, 2019

Tesla is not going to fail based on their stock price. Their stock price has never represented their level of success, rather its a representation of the public's confidence in their profitability.

ihara | April 26, 2019

But ordinary people who do not know Tesla very well feel fear by seeing the decreasing stock price and would stop buying Tesla’s cars, which could change fear to real. Big concern.

andy.connor.e | April 26, 2019

I do not agree that Tesla cars are not sold exclusively because of their stock price. At a time they were not a public company. They are more competent today than ever to produce a car. Technology is a decade ahead of every other manufacturer. The rest is wallstreet/shorters politics.

ihara | April 26, 2019

I hope so.

kwen197 | April 26, 2019

One broken promise after another will dilute public confidence.

Ross1 | April 27, 2019

Perhaps someone experienced in takeovers could explain.
TSLA valued at $40b right now.
Elon is worth?
SpaceX is worth?

Q: Could Elon take it private on his own right now?
The benefits to him are enormous.

We might well start a list here.

skubajen | April 27, 2019

@ihara. Ordinary people dont check stock prices before buying company products. You’re too close on this one to see how ordinary people behave :)

jordanrichard | April 27, 2019

Ross1, net worth is fleeting. It does not mean cash on hand.

SPJARRY | April 27, 2019

FYI, take over or "Go private" transaction are often funded using private funds like KKR or BlackRocks or BlackStone and a mix of high leverage (debt), etc... However, the low stock price of today (235$) approx would not be a problem is Tesla had a lof of free working capital on hands to continue his growth. However, they are getting a little more tight on cash now and the market knows this. So, all the Wall Street bankers are excited by the business of raising more billions $$ for Tesla (and taking huge cut on this). So, It's even easier to sell from a banker perspective if the the stock price is cheaper. So, Are we talking about stock manipulation ? Of course ! If Elon says something on Twitter that "moves the stock", SEC is all over him ! But if shorting investors are pushing the stock down by shorting, knowing that they will be able to buy back the shares at discount from "The newly shares to be issued shortly.... it's "Legal"... from SEC perspective...

So Sad ! I wish Tesla strikes a deal with a private investor that would inject capital in the company using convertible Debt instead of stock. Also, if TESLA is able to raise capital without going to Wall Street Bankers, the "Shorts" will have to cover their butt in the market and the stock will rise back to 50 billions $ and more...

Just thinking out loud !

One thing is clear from my point of view, TESLA will be a huge company in 5 years, probably 4-5x current market cap because they have huge advantage over other company (Autonomous cars, SuperCharger network, large Fleet of cars, etc...)

Due your own due dilligence and dont invest base on my comments. ! | April 27, 2019

Maybe people forget GM and Chrysler - Stock prices went to zero (twice for Chrysler), yet people still bought cars. Stock value is no consideration for 99+% of buyers when getting a car. Most automakers are in a stock decline right now, as Q1 is always a bad quarter for vehicles - yet there are still here and selling cars.