FSD increase

FSD increase

Just noticed that the price of FSD has increased from $5000 to $6000 when ordering new configuration.

packpike | May 3, 2019

I was dreaming of ordering a new Ludicrous mode (free option) and saw the increase today. It was supposed to be delayed until the 10th, but maybe it will go up more then.

carlk | May 3, 2019

May 10 extention only applies to regions that you could not order before May 1. Yes I think we will see gradual price increase too until it reaches it's true intrinsic value. That could be much higher than what it is today when full capacity is achieved.

AERODYNE | May 3, 2019

No FSD for me...saving for a CPO Roadster in 6 years..

brockparker300 | May 4, 2019

Afraid this is more Musk gas.
Don't want to spend more of Tesla because service and customer support has become horrible with the push on model 3. Becoming just another car company. Sorry I drank so much of the cool-aid.

rglossin | May 4, 2019

I'm drinking the kool-aid from a far. This forum and TMC are keeping me on a level track.

johnson.todd.r | May 4, 2019

The online config and my Manage my Tesla always said I could upgrade from EAP to FSD for $5k. Now it says $6k. For me that seals the deal: I will not pay more than $5k, since that was the deal when I purchased. Given that EAP is still far from what was promised when I purchased it, I will just wait. Tesla tech is getting better and I suspect they will have competition in the next few years. At the investor event, Musk said they were already working on the next version of the FSD computer. Given all this, I'm not sure why anyone would now want to pay more money for something that doesn't exist yet and won't really be FSD even when launched. I don't think this is the reaction Tesla wanted, but then I don't think they are making very rational pricing/marketing decisions.

juliette | May 4, 2019

Tesla always said that FSD would go up in price over time. This makes sense, IMO, because the earlier you buy it, the further away from real it is, and you save money by taking the risk that it never shows up/is delayed, and if you don’t want that risk you wait and pay more. This is pretty normal for pre-buying future products. And it makes sense from Tesla’s perspective, too - they give you a discount in return for an early commitment, which helps them measure people’s interest and willingness to pay, and gets some early cash in before the FSD launches.

EVRider | May 4, 2019

It sounds like some of you were unaware that the price increase was coming, even though it was announced by Elon, reported in the media, and widely discussed in these forums. I’m always puzzled by the fact that people who contribute to these forums are surprised by changes like this.

carlk | May 4, 2019

I think the confusion may come from Elon's tweet to someone who could not place order on May 1 because it's not open in his region. It became Elon extended it to May 10 in some media.

johnson.todd.r | May 4, 2019

I'm not surprised, but I seem to recall wording when I purchased the vehicle that I could upgrade for $5K at any time after the purchase. Perhaps there was fine print somewhere. Of course, Musk also said all cars at that time (Spring 2017) had all of the hardware needed to do FSD. In any case, I will wait until the price comes down for FSD and it is available. If it doesn't come down, but goes up, I won't buy it, but will wait for the competition. Note that at the investors meeting the designer of the new FSD computer said it was a modest cost. I'm sure the software was and is a much higher cost to develop, but Tesla can amortize that over many new and old vehicles. If they raise the cost to where people refuse to upgrade or buy, it only hurts Tesla. At this point, it sounds like they need a cash injection, not a way to anger or discourage customers from purchasing FSD. | May 4, 2019

@johnson - I'm sure Tesla will adjust FSD pricing to the market. If they are the only game in town, then pricing will remain high to recoup development costs. If every competitor offers it for $100, I expect Tesla will have to lower the price and/or include it with new car purchases. But don't hold your breath for a lot of competition or pricing that undercuts Tesla. Every FSD competitor I've see are using a sensor suite and massive CPU power that totals in the $10K-$100K range beyond the cost of the vehicle. Totally impractical in a consumer car today. These octopus solutions from competitors are also super ugly, but that's in part since it's so difficult to integrate into the vehicle.

barrykmd | May 4, 2019

A price increase on vaporware is funny.

Bill_75D | May 4, 2019

Barry, you nailed it right there!

Ohmster | May 4, 2019

I took a gamble and bought FSD during the fire sale for both the S and X for $2k/ea. Figure I got a hell of a deal or got screwed. We will see.

'17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked [E]AP FSD AP2.5 Bio)*2 + 12.1.1/8.5. Grin on!

diamonds2 | May 4, 2019

I felt it was worth the $2k for the probable extra safety features that the HW3.0 computer would have over the HW2.0 computer I currently have.

Hammonddave | May 4, 2019

$2K seemed to be a no brainer for me. Especially since i always believed I would own this car for 3-4 years then buy the upgraded model S.

Dramsey | May 4, 2019

I paid $3K for FSD in December, 2016. If I had invested that amount in the stock market, or my favorite bank stock, then my $3,000 would be worth about $4,200 now. But with FSD now at $6K, I guess I'm still ahead...assuming it ever arrives.

NKYTA | May 4, 2019

@AERODYNE, yeah, probably the only way I can get in. +2

@barrykmd “A price increase on vaporware is funny.”

Vaporware re: Tesla is kinda funny. Name who/whom else has an EV that is nearing self driving that a middle income person could buy, today?

Actually, let’s split that up:

Name a car manufacturer that is making an EV that isn’t a grocery getter?

Name a car manufacturer that might have a “salable FSD” car in the near future?

@Dramsey, funny...soon. ;-)

Dramsey | May 4, 2019


3 months maybe...6 months definitely!

NKYTA | May 4, 2019

@Dramsey, you meant years, but I got you. ;-) ;-)
TSLA, hmm, not sure. Horse before the cart? Staying long for now.

EVRider | May 5, 2019

For people with EAP, FSD doesn’t provide anything today except the right to free future upgrade to HW3. For people with the new basic AP, FSD provides a lot. So, whether you consider FSD vaporware depends on what you have now.

Bill_75D | May 5, 2019

Isn't FSD still considered to be FULL Self Driving? That's what I bought and paid for in 2016.

If "F" doesn't stand for Full anymore, then what does it mean?

barrykmd | May 5, 2019

NKYTA - You and I have a different definition for "nearing." I call it "not even close." 5 years, maybe, assuming F does mean Full, as Bill implied..

NKYTA | May 5, 2019

@barrykmd, it could be five years. It could be 10.

Do you think anyone else will get there first (discounting regulatory issues since everyone will have to play that game)?

raffidesigns | May 5, 2019

If Musk is talking out feature complete by end of 2019 then the next 8 months are going to be crucial. We're in the Endgame now.

During Tesla's Autonomy day, there were cases (not publicized by Tesla but by investors) when the driver took evasive action during the FSD course. Judging by the video, i cant say that i'm not impressed. I can live with Level 4 FSD with a very minimum interaction by the driver for a | May 5, 2019

Well everyone's view of FSD is different. If you expect FSD to handle snow whiteouts, mud slides, huracanes, etc., then I don't expect anyone to every have FSD. If you expect it to handle 95% of freeway driving, it's basically here today. Now I suspect most consider FSD the ability to drive from home to work and back without hands on the wheel, covering surface streets and the freeway. Will it work for everyone, no. Will it work for 99+% of people? My view is likely within 2 years, and perhaps as little as 8 months.

barrykmd | May 5, 2019

NKYTA - Given the quality of Tesla's firmware rollouts in the last year, I think they certainly could be beaten to the punch. Seems they lost much of their talent. A surprise could come from one of many sources. Isn't there some trucking company that is currently testing FSD for semis? | May 5, 2019

@barry - lots of companies testing. No one delivering (yet), nor even selling something that is upgradable like Tesla does. From what I see of all the testing, they are using sensor suites and massive (expensive) compute power that adds at least $20K and more likely $30-80K to the price of the vehicle in hardware alone. Then add the cost of software needed. Creating a working FSD system is easier when price is no object. Tesla seems to be the only one looking to offer FSD at a practical price. I'd love to be wrong on what the competition is doing, but they appear years behind Tesla as far as a purchasable system.

chris.cao91 | May 6, 2019

here is my opinion. I rather buy a new tesla with all the current hardware included in the future than pay for something now that will have to be retrofitted in later on. Given how crappy customer service and car service is now, I don't want the techs quickly opening up my car and also quickly putting it back together. I'm not hating on the techs. They are good people. But tesla isn't making their life easy. service in some areas are 3-4 months out. when you get there everything is rushed. I don't know if they made changes recently, but their philosophy of deliver first and fix later wasn't working. this is coming from true experience with service. they used to gladly fix any manufacture mistakes. Now they try hard to not give anything free away. meaning you have to have hard proof the mistake is on them. in their defense though, alot of people were taking advantage of their goodwill. But my car has been in service a good 20 times since I got the car a little over 1 year ago. I would have been happy if they fixed everything in one go, but the problem came one after another. the car no longer feels or sounds the same after they tore the car apart to make repairs. I came in complaining about wind leaking into the cabin and causing alot of noise. they fixed the air leak, but now the car is even louder than before. makes no sense at all. maybe lower battery costs will offset the fsd cost.

Bighorn | May 6, 2019

Can you give an example of a service center that is 3-4 months out for first available appointments? A simple zip code entry into the online service request will show available appointments and last I checked it was between 2 days and 5 weeks depending on location. | May 6, 2019

@BH - You can elect to pick a service appointment 3-4 months out, but not sure why chris wants to. Sounds like he is creating imaginary issues he has not personally encountered.

I've always gotten appointments in less than a week and sometimes in a few days. I've never had any urgent need either or felt rushed. If an appointment was a few weeks out, it wouldn't matter to me. In service (for rotations, annual service, yellow screen issue) for a total of about 4 times over the last 2+ years.

Dramsey | May 6, 2019


"If Musk is talking out feature complete by end of 2019 then the next 8 months are going to be crucial. We're in the Endgame now."

It would be more accurate to say "If Musk is CORRECT in talking about feature complete by end of 2019..."

Recall that Musk has never hit a stated software delivery date for any form or demonstration of FSD. He is YEARS late on his previous FSD predictions. I'd love to see something dramatic and impressive by the end of this year, but give his solid 100% miss track record, it would be foolish to get too hopeful.