Post 12.1.1 decreased energy usage.....?

Post 12.1.1 decreased energy usage.....?

Ok first, let me get this out of the way. I am not new at this, having owned my car for a little over 5 years and received numerous updates.

Last week I finally got 12.1.1 in my '14 S85. It took me a couple of days to notice this, but it seemed like the car was using noticeably less energy to drive for the given conditions. I am talking about in the rain with it being 50 degs out, going up and down hills etc. There has been no mention of this in the release notes, so I know it's not all in my head. There has been no significant increase in temperatures here in CT, yet the car seems to be running more efficiently. Anyone else notice this?

DBrohm | May 6, 2019

'13 P85+ and was just looking at the forums before I post just the opposite - in the past few weeks, I've noticed my energy usage is increased noticeably. A bagel place near my house is 5mi away and used to take about 3.8mi of energy now takes >5. In the morning, my car would be at 222-225mi (90%) after charging overnight. If it sat for 24hrs it might lose 3-5mi. Now when I get up, it's at 218-220 and loses 4-5mi within an hour or two.

EVRider | May 6, 2019

@jordanrichard: Any chance the update changed some of your settings that could impact efficiency?

jordanrichard | May 6, 2019

EVRider, not that I am aware of. The only settings that affect energy usage would be climate control, re-gen, energy save and range mode.

Perhaps it’s my imagination, but typically things don’t get my attention unless something has changed.