Trouble charging my loaner S 60

Trouble charging my loaner S 60

So, I'm a model 3 owner and got a S loaner while I have some warranty work done. At home I charge on a "normal" wall connector attached to the exterior of my house using my mobile charger. The outlet is basically on its own 15A circuit. Yeah, not a lot, but I can full charge twice a week for free while I take a train to commute, so I don't charge at home often.

Anyway, my M3 liked the 15A circuit fine, and auto-adjusted to 12A. The Model S loaner I got immediately trips the GFCI when it tries to pull current. I've used both my own wall connector and the one that was in the car. I've tried setting it to 5A max before plugging it in and it does not help at all.

The S didn't have a J1772 adapter in it and I left mine in my M3, so I can't charge at the train station or home... I'm lucky there is a super charger nearby I guess. Seems weird though. | May 8, 2019

Does seem strange. My first guess would be the MC, but not if both your old one and the one in the S60 fail. Next guess is something wrong with the internal S60 AC charger. You should let Tesla know when you return the car. It may be others getting the loaner before you never bothered to AC charge.

jordanrichard | May 8, 2019

CAr should automatically read and adjust to what the outlet can handle.