Wish list features for Model 3 updates.

Wish list features for Model 3 updates.

cpeppey | May 8, 2019

I'd like a surveillance off switch ( turns off gps and cameras). Also, I like to see window control on the app. (my key fob on my 08 accord did that). A light on the dash that shows when the brake light is activated during deceleration. Super-Chill. A Racing game that uses the car controls. Hope an engineer reads this.

Magic 8 Ball | May 8, 2019

Interactive intelligence tests.

wiscy67 | May 8, 2019

The brake lights on your car's image on the screen come on during heavy regen so that's already solved.

CharleyBC | May 8, 2019

Yeah, the brake light indicator is already a thing.

I second the vote for window controls in the app.

Bonus: Have you noticed that the little blue Autosteer icon on the display steers to match the real steering wheel when Autosteer is happening?

Lonestar10_1999 | May 8, 2019

@OP - I agree that window control as well as position feedback would be great on the app. I have been told that it is not possible because the Tesla API doesn’t include that control.

I guess I should refine my wish for an enhancement to the API to include window control.

Atom12 | May 8, 2019

Fan speed control pop-up slider (just like temperature).

bpatter123 | May 8, 2019

Driver's seat cushion length adjustment- manual or power to move the front edge of the seat (longer) to provide more thigh support.

chazjr11 | May 8, 2019

Where it reads the text message to you and allows you to speak to text others. Also memory, If the phone unlocks the car. Whose phone it was so the seat adjusts to that person

cpeppey | May 8, 2019

I find it too hard to see the brake lights on the tiny model of the car especially in bright sun.

jjgunn | May 8, 2019

Add me to the fan speed control club.

How about being able to expand the Navigation / Rear facing camera screen.

Minimize the 1/4 left side up top to Speed Limit only like 1/128 of the screen.

(Might not be legal)

duytrang | May 8, 2019

this forum is hard to find information needed.
it would be nice if it have search button for to topic or issues you need to know or help

ODWms | May 9, 2019

Same here, on the on screen brake light indicator. Too tiny, especially at night when it indicates the tail lights already.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 9, 2019

I'd like a means of toggling out of Autosteer/NoA without bumping myself out of TACC.

derotam | May 9, 2019

Heat on off toggle, like the AC on off toggle.... and I second the Interactive Intelligence tests!

derotam | May 9, 2019

@neo..."bump" the wheel to one side to disengage autosteer then?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 9, 2019

@derotam, true, but it's a little 'jerky' and ticks off my wife.

derotam | May 9, 2019

@Neo, there is a skill to it...the resistance to disengage is variable and I think it is easier to bump it out while in a turn so it isn't jerky.

NEKEV | May 9, 2019

I'd like a 'Minimal' mode on the display that turns off everything on the right two thirds of the screen.

wiscy67 | May 9, 2019

@derotam I was going to post the same about having a H button just like A for AC to toggle heat. The heat sucks my energy efficiency and at times when I just want a little fresh air.

JCTSLAM3 | May 9, 2019

Toggle between Standard and Chill on touchscreen.

CharleyBC | May 9, 2019

“I'd like a means of toggling out of Autosteer/NoA without bumping myself out of TACC.”

Yeah, that. You know how one tap down turns on TACC and two turn on Autosteer/NAP? How about one tap up disengages Autosteer/NAP and two also disengage TACC?

CharleyBC | May 9, 2019

And more voice commands. “Wipers manual leve three”. “Open frunk”. “Decrease temperature two degrees “. Etc.

JabberH | May 9, 2019

It would be very useful for the steering wheel to raise when you park and open drivers door. It is sometimes a challenge to get out of the car (or any car for that matter) when this feature is absent. Higher end Mercedes have this feature.

Effopec | May 9, 2019

@Jabber - that is already there, look up Easy Entry.

For me the thing my previous car had that I miss the most is voice to text and text to voice. I also second the heat button, I have brought that up several times. Each of those things could be done only with software tweaks. Then beyond that, Spotify and Apple car play, of course.

hokiegir1 | May 9, 2019

I'd be fine without the heat button if they brought back the colored air streams on the display (not just the app) so I could tell the tipping point of airflow versus heat.

stockbandit91 | May 9, 2019

Auto wiper sensitivity settings- IE- aggressive/normal/slow. This is just a pure software setting, meaning standard would be what it is at now, if you want it go faster with less rain automatically you set to aggressive, and if you want it to go slower, even in heavier rain, you would set it to slow. Also maybe even be able to set a 5 or 10 second delay between auto speed changes up/down.

Speakers also need a speed/noise auto adjustment, right now the volume needs to go up 2-3 notches when going from freeway speed vs. city driving. The 3 is quiet, but not silent, wind and tire noise do get louder with speed.

Option to schedule end of charging session, just a prompt when you plug, no response = charge until full, just like the "keep climate on" option does nothing unless you select it.

GPS setting to remember where A/C is always set to recirculating air. Any of us that drive by an area that always smells would appreciate not being caught off guard that the Auto A/C went back to outside air.

Better integration of media from your phone, many ways this can be done. For a software based car, the current version is seriously lacking.

rchau28 | May 9, 2019

Apple Car Play!!

dadou001 | May 9, 2019

in AP, when autosteer is on, set the blinker to change lane, do the change manually and when the car is in the new lane, automatically re-engage autosteer. No need to double tap again.
I tested this feature with a Volvo car, it is indeed quite convenient.

gdepau | May 9, 2019

A true blind spot warning "chime" that goes off when you signal to change lanes anytime another car is in your blind spot.

dadou001 | May 9, 2019

Setting the TACC speed is unnatural. Why not just set it to the actual speed of the car and then let the user tap on the speed limit sign if he/she wants that. The determination of the speed limit is, well, not precise to say the least.
One often finds himself needing a LOWER speed than the limit for various reasons (rain in Europe, energy consumption, road works not detected by google maps, etc...).

Techy James | May 9, 2019

That is already possible by setting seat as steering position on exit.

tri_t_to | May 9, 2019

- Disable passing cars on NoA
- Add Spotify for US
- Car remembers the rear vent in auto mode
- FTP dashcam videos to cloud (when connected to WIFI)
- Play YouTube videos
- Track Mode for non P as a paid software upgrade.

adoh2010 | May 9, 2019

Use the cabin camera for hand gesture audio controls like the new 7 series BMW.

Active noise cancelation.

Offer an option with no center console and floor hooks for a rear-facing child seat, will be an amazing option for parents to keep an eye on their child without having to turn around to look at their child in the back seat while driving. It might require disabling the knee airbags however.

SADDLE INTERIOR, PLEASE. Would've definitely paid $2000 to get saddle.

An option to unlock everything that's software locked in the SR+. the soeakers, rear heated seats, etc...

jianh100 | May 9, 2019

A very simple wish. Can I have a "sleep" button on the app so that I can force my M3 to go to sleep? Time and time again, the M3 takes a very long time to quiet down and go to sleep.


hokiegir1 | May 9, 2019

@tri_t_to - "Disable passing cars on NoA" -- you can turn off the auto-lane change for speed. You can't necessarily prevent it from passing cars in the next lane if your lane is going faster, but you can make it so it doesn't initiate a lane change just because the car in front of you is going slower.

david_gelfand | May 9, 2019

Be able to set side view mirrors to fold at all locations when exiting & then unfold automatically when entering or depressing brake to start M3. Like it to work just like MS

hokiegir1 | May 9, 2019

@david - mirrors can autofold on lock and unfold on unlock?

Saxena | May 9, 2019

Definitely agree on the brake lights being too small on the display, especially with a red car. Very hard to see the red brake lights.

Zenon5 | May 9, 2019

Set it to always turn on sentry mode in a given location. I park outside at work and rarely remember to engage sentry mode.

david_gelfand | May 9, 2019


Thank you. I know it’s supposed to work that way but, mirrors only occasionally fold after exit. When they do, mirrors unfold upon entry. When using the feature “always fold at this location,” I always have to unfold manually. My M3 Firmware is 2019.12.1.2.

davidkpeters12 | May 9, 2019

Car wash mode: I will always wash my Tesla by hand. Please make car wash mode so the windows roll up, the mirrors stay unfolded and the charge port door doesn't open when I touch it with the wash mit.

jmmcfarla | May 10, 2019

Setting rear AC to be on by default. I have two young kiddos who ride back there, and our M3 currently doesn't turn on the rear vent when I use app to turn on climate control. Seems like a simple fix

Cactusone | May 10, 2019

1} The ability to turn off the auto lock at specific locations - like inside my own Garage! Hate that I cant just pop the trunk open or a door to access the car..I don’t walk with my phone all the time in the house, unlike my kids.

2} The ability to receive a notification if a door is Ajar after a preset time delay. The car will not go to sleep if a door is left Ajar. My kids have left rear doors open a couple times, and it drained the battery.

2015P90DI | May 10, 2019

The actual wish list is quite long. However, that's based on coming from a Model S and missing those features. The following is my wish list of items that I think are realistic requests. Naturally, for most, would be happy to pay a premium price for them.

1. Passive start on the key fob. Can live without passive entry.

2. Heads up display. Or, small center gauge cluster as has been rendered in rumored Model S/X updates. This request is primarily because it would allow them to free up the center screen. Currently, driver info takes up at least 1/3rd of the screen. Would be nice to have the full size of the screen for navigation, music, camera, etc.

3. Option for Air Suspension for those that don't prefer the "sporty" (stiff) ride.

4. I know probably very wishful thinking, but still would prefer an extra hidden stalk behind the steering wheel and smooth buttons on the steering wheel, allowing them to keep the "minimalist" design, but also allowing the car to be more "driver friendly" with one touch access to some controls. After all this time, still hate having to dig through the main screen for EVERYTHING. The car was designed to be driver less, but we're still quite a ways off of that being reality. In the meantime, making the cars more driver friendly wouldn't be a bad thing.

5. Again, probably wishful thinking, but a premium package that adds auto presenting door handles or push button handles like the S & X would be very much appreciated.

GunnarNyb | May 10, 2019

1. I would like an option to switch the display to night mode when entering a tunnel.
In poorly lit tunnels the display is too right, particularly if you dive into the tunnel from snow cover and bright sunshine.
2. Air suspension retrofit

M3 fo MF | May 10, 2019

I got one. A few weeks ago, I rented a Nissan wagon of some sort. This car had “auto steer” capability. It had a very simple stay centered in a lane capability. It did have one feature I really liked. It allowed you to gently move the car within the lane without dis-engaging the auto steer. It was like “rubber band” mode. If you gently moved the wheel a little, it would move in the lane without dis-engaging auto steer.. Once you released pressure on the wheel, it would drift back to the center of the lane. Great feature for sliding over in a lane to let a motorcycle go by or to avoid something in your lane (pothole, trash, dead animal...)

derotam | May 10, 2019

@Saxena, the brake light display should be better on the next update(2019.16 presumably) when they adjust how the animation works.

don.lind | May 10, 2019

I never noticed the little brake lights... nice.
Never had a door left open (so far) but CactusOne's suggestion for a warning seems good.
And I'd like to have a "don't lock the car if it's in my garage" option. That'd be nice.

I think the Dash Cam (TeslaCam) should have an option to automatically stop recording maybe 5 minutes after the car is parked. I"m not good at remembering to "pause" it.

And I would like SOME easy one-button way to just do vents... no heat, no cooling. ambient air from outside.
All I know is to set the temp to LOW, make sure AC is off and turn on the fan. Messing with the temp is not ideal.
I THINK adding the already-suggested HEAT button (just like the AC button) would do it, yeah? Just make sure they're both off and that's VENT.

AHH... one last one. Some stretches of road require headlights during the day. So I have to change from "AUTO" to "ON" for the headlights. When I get to the end of my drive, the car yips at me that the headlights are on. So I go back through the menus to set the headlights back to AUTO... which is a pain. OK, maybe it's only 2 clicks, but still. Why not just turn off the headlights when I leave the car rather than yell at me?

TimbersThornsBlazers | May 10, 2019

@jianh100 ~ +1 on my car refusing to go to sleep sometimes. I was just joking with my husband yesterday that we might need to haul out the book we got when we had kids a decade ago...

It could be a "go the f**k to sleep" button on the front face of the app.

rob | May 11, 2019

variable tinting on roof. Dial up your opacity...