Good experience at airport

Good experience at airport

Left my model 3 at Wilmington NC AIRPORT, it had 211 miles. Put reflectors in front and back windows, turned off Cabin overheat and A/c. It was 80 degrees while I was gone.
I avoided checking on the car. 78 hours later I retrieved my luggage and checked on the car it had 210 miles and the cabin was 125. I turned the a/c on. After a 7 minute walk the cabin was 73.

I was really pleased losing on 1 mile after 78 hours.

jwins | May 18, 2019

Wow, outstanding! Nice to know what's possible. Thanks!

Magic 8 Ball | May 18, 2019

Age old gag, fill the tank of a family members new car, on the sly, and convince the owner they get more than what is advertised. Oh, it's a TESLA, nevermind.