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Update to

Hi Everyone,
A new update to has been released. New features include Weather, Stocks and links to TeslaWaze and ABetterRoutePlanner.
Additionally, the app will freeze polling if the car is stationary for more than 3 polling cycles to prevent any possibility of keeping the car awake.


CST | May 21, 2019

Bumping because this was posted to general but only just copied to this forum.

Tesla2018 | May 24, 2019

Anyone else having trouble with Tesla Waze not working ? I'm getting a black screen when you press the link. When I just had the Tesla azure link saved in my favorites before seeing this new site then the screen would open. Now it just goes black when I click the link and then if I shut down the browser and click on the link to Tesla screen occasionally it will ask me to to confirm by pressing that I accepted.

Is it just a Tesla Waze might be down or is it a bad link on the Tesla screen application?

CST | May 25, 2019

I can't get TeslaWaze to work either, must not play nice with the browser update.

rbrown3rd | June 16, 2019

I can't get TeslaWaze to display in my Model 3 either. I lost it about two updates back. Running 20.1 now. I found that version of Waze very useful because it tracked my position and had a weather radar overlay option. l get a black screen and some tiny pixels....text? the bottom right hand corner.

Tesla2018 | June 17, 2019

Once you get the blavk screen, go and hit the internet icon on the left side of the control panel. It's the area that has the phone icon and I think te chargesetting icon. Then wait a minute and it should say somethig about allowing access or tracking location and there will be an accept or deny button. Click on accept and the waze map should show up.

Jack19087 | June 18, 2019

I get the same thing. At Tesla2018 said, click something else like the browser icon and the system will prompt with notice to allow access. It's klugey but works. I don't use it much because it blocks everything else. If you drop waze to show the Tesla gps map and come back you have to re-athorize the teslawaze site. It's just a pain. Great idea but not worth it for most of my travel. Long distant would be a good use for it.

kaykinsler | June 23, 2019

It seems that since the most recent update I’ve lost all of my recent navigation locations and I don’t seem to be able to remove the one recent location and that is from February 2019. How do I get my navigation system to work as it did prior to the update?

azcat737 | August 9, 2019

So what if I get the blank screen, do what has been mentioned above and re-allow location access, and still nothing? I have also tried the site, and this same thing happens. Weird thing about that site, though, is if I try to hit the Weather or Stocks butting, I get some “user denied geolocation” error, even though I hit “Allow” when it asked. Thoughts?