Navigation Gone Haywire

Navigation Gone Haywire

While driving on a freeway today, I entered an address into the navigator, an address that was about 50 miles down the road. The car started behaving very oddly, instructing me to exit at each off-ramp and to immediately get on the freeway again. I phoned Tesla, and they said they are very aware of the problem and working "feverishly" to correct it. Has anyone else had this problem?

Ohmster | May 20, 2019

Yes. My S. Replacing GPS antenna now. Car was off coordinates by football field length at times.

‘17 S75. (Uncorked [E]AP FSD AP2.5 MCU1 Bio 16.1)
‘17 X75D (Uncorked [E]AP FSD AP2.5 MCU2 Bio 12.1.2)
Grin on!

Jcastillo18 | May 21, 2019

My navigation froze a couple of times last week