Model Y

Model Y

I have my reservation for model Y.
When will we have our own forum to talk about our new baby?

jordanrichard | May 22, 2019

When you actually get your Model Y. Whatever there is to talk about has already been talked about. There hasn't been any news since the reveal which has already been talked about to death.

andy.connor.e | May 22, 2019

Idk. I'd like to see the Tesla Energy forums section get updated so its actually usable first.

sosmerc | May 23, 2019

I hope the Model Y is not becoming the Model "IF".

TabascoGuy | May 23, 2019

I'll bet you see the first one off the production line before the end of 2019.

andy.connor.e | May 23, 2019

Even though its not set to start production until late next year?

TabascoGuy | May 23, 2019

I heard early next year but I suspect sooner.

TabascoGuy | May 23, 2019

Actually, Tesla said that they would start tooling this year so that they could "achieve volume production by the end of 2020". If by volume production, they mean 500k a year, I would think start of production would have to be much sooner than that.

bgbythsea | May 23, 2019

Are there any estimates out there of how many Model Y reservations have been placed?

andy.connor.e | May 24, 2019

You can literally go and build your Model Y, and it says that production is set to start late next year.

TabascoGuy | May 24, 2019

Yup, that's what the order page says. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

dpcarrico | May 24, 2019

Is there any way to preorder the Model Y Standard Model $39000 now ???

David N | May 25, 2019

Have they announced where production will take place?
I remember hearing they were considering production at the GF but I haven’t heard if that is a set in stone.
Is there space in the current GF building or do they need to construct more faculty to house a new production area. Requires a lot of space, a lot of equipment, a lot of set up and fine tuning, and of cash a whole lot of money.
On top of Y production where is the pick-up and semi going to be built?
The next year should be pretty exciting. | May 26, 2019

@David - I haven't seen any announced decision on location. They are building more factory space at Fremont, and also expanding the building at GF - so either one could be used. My bet is on the GF for the Y. I think the Semi is already planned for the GF. For the pickup truck - it is so far out, it's hard to say - could be a new factory in another location!

Uncle Paul | May 26, 2019

Tesla has lots of choices on where to make the Model Y. Just need to determine which would work out best.

They might even move the S and X to Nevada, and make the higher volume Y along side it's Sister car the Model 3.

Might be the most efficient use of space since both cars share about 75% if their parts.

S and X use different battery packs than Y and 3, so moving them to Sparks might work out well.

Imagine that Truck may also be made in either place. Where ever there is the most room. It will use many of the drive components of the Model 3 as well.

Tesla is probably crunching a lot of data as to their alternative right now.

jordanrichard | May 26, 2019

They are not going to build the S and X at the Gigafactory. It makes far more sense to make any vehicle using the 2170s in the same building that produces the 2170s packs. You completely cut out shipping costs and time.

ModelYMaven | May 27, 2019

@Stevebb I know, I built my car and put down my $$ I'm anxiously waiting!!

J.T. | May 28, 2019

>>>TabascoGuy | May 23, 2019
I heard early next year but I suspect sooner.

It's apparent you are not aware of the Tesla definition of "soon."

TabascoGuy | July 12, 2019

Oh ye of little faith.

"Tesla CEO Elon Musk has noted that Gigafactory 3 could start producing the Model 3 in Gigafactory 3 by the end of this year. Local reports from China itself have suggested that Musk’s target could actually be conservative, as initial Model 3 production could begin as early as September, barring any unexpected delays."

TabascoGuy | July 12, 2019

Oops, wrong model...

As you were.

Still, remarkable progress nonetheless.

jimglas | July 12, 2019

this news is going to get the FUDsters active

Nexxus | July 15, 2019

From what I hear, most of the assembly line is already in place as they built both it and the building surrounding it at the same time.

vickyricheal | July 15, 2019

I would like to get some more details about model Y.