SuperChargers 50% fail!

SuperChargers 50% fail!

So I took my second road trip--just got back--and made good use of the super-charger network. Sort of.
One thing I discovered is that 50% of the chargers I tried to use did not work. At one location, that would be a "Hey guys: this unit doesn't work". But this was 8 different locations!
Funny thing was, the chargers might work for one car but not another. I pulled into a station, saw someone in the next slot with a blue ring around his cable as I was hooking mine up (mine didn't work, obviously). The owner unplugged and drove away happy. I pulled into his slot... And the dam thing didn't work!

So what's the deal? Are some chargers actually saying "I'm ok with the 90D, but those 100Ds are just too uppity, and I won't serve them."?

Even at the lounge station I was at, the first charger I pulled up to didn't work.

And yes yes yes, I did indeed try unplugging and plugging back in again, making sure I had a good connection, etc.
And the feedback was highly variable.

Anyone else running into this?

Uncle Paul | May 23, 2019

Kind of unusual.

Suspect something is going on with your car.

Try a two button/brake pedal reset. If that does not work, a call to service might be a good idea.

koohii | May 23, 2019

If it was just my car, maybe. But 5 of the other people I talked to had the same thing happening to them.

s.grot | May 24, 2019

I’ve been seeing a lot of burnt cable ends, take a look at the connector pins at the end of the cable ; look for cracking and black /corroded metal

spuzzz123 | May 24, 2019

What part of it he world? I’ve never run into a single out of order sc traveling between Midwest and southeast us

ltphoto | May 24, 2019

Seems pretty unusual. I did a 3 week, 6100 mile trip in March and only had one SC failure. Either you had a run of bad luck, or something is up with your car.

jaelliis | May 24, 2019

I'm about to pick up our new X in Colorado next week and drive back to Albuquerque. Are any of the stations you encountered in that area?

Roger1 | May 25, 2019

I took a trip from Toronto, Ontario to Florida and back in February going as far south as Key West. The total trip was just short of 7,200 kilometers and required Supercharging a couple of dozen times. I had one instance of a charger not working and moved to a different stall and charged without difficulty. So, from my perspective, 100% of the Supercharger locations worked.

If I was experiencing a 50% Supercharger failure rate, I would get my car checked.

Tropopause | May 25, 2019

I had 100% SC success rate on my 5,000 mile USA cross-country journey last month and 99.9% success rate in 4.5 years of Tesla ownership with Supercharging.

koohii | May 25, 2019

To clarify: I found a working charger at every location. But half of the chargers at each location seemed to be malfunctioning.
And I can charge my car up at home just fine.
(Oh, all of these were in California, between Monterrey, Sequoia, Fresno, Atascadero and Kettleman.)

jerrykham | May 26, 2019

@koohii - you don't have supercharging at home. Completely different charging from a DC Fast charger (supercharger) and a Level 2 AC charger (home charging). At home, the AC current goes to the charger onboard the car that converts to DC. At a supercharger, it is already DC so it does not use the charger onboard. It is possible to have a vehicle that can't charge from AC or one that can't charge from DC - depending on what component fails.

koohii | May 26, 2019

Again, if it was Just my car, that would be one thing. But I talked to several people at stations and they were having the same problem.

mbirnie51 | May 26, 2019

@koohii...about 3 weeks ago I made a round trip from Bay area to Pismo Beach, on my return leg, I stopped at Atascadero and found station 1B inoperable, moved to 1A with success (no other vehicles were charging). Came in with 51 miles of range at 6:40pm, 37 mins to get to 177 miles range with a max input of 80Kwh. Normally I would call the mother ship and let them know about the malfunction, but my dog had to pee, and me too. Having used well over 70 different SCs in 20 different states, I would estimate that this was the 3rd malfunction in 6 years. Give the mother ship a call and have them do a diagnostic on your charging system, best to have any anomaly documented. Please either 1) call mother ship to report problems with your car or SC network 2) or use "Bug Fix" voice activated documenting system from the steering wheel.

PrescottRichard | May 26, 2019

@jerrykham- that’s a great explanation and distinction.
@mbirnie51- Also good info, using the bug fix reporting.

koohii | May 26, 2019

Again, I had the same problem at a hotel that only had regular chargers, and not super-chargers. One regular charger worked, one didn't.

I was on hold at the first charging station for over 20 minutes trying to report the problem when another charger became open and I moved to it. Did not know about the bug-fix reporting system--never had reason to use it. Thank you. (1B was also giving someone else problems, but I was at 4B and 5B, but 5A worked. Go figure).