API - With Recent Changes?

API - With Recent Changes?

Does anyone know where anyone talks about the current Tesla API? I have been to and refereed to both:
But both of these do not look like there has been any changes in almost a year. I know that looking at the API data results after the most recent Firmware Upgrade, I saw new data in the packet. I am wondering if there are other new commands that can be called.

Also, has anyone done anything interesting? Currently I mostly just pull the data and store it for doing data visualizations, like is done by teslafi and similar, except I do not give someone else access to my car. I also setup a routine that looks at the cars location and at a certain time, if it is at a certain location, it turns on the AC, this is to help pre-cool the car for my wife at the end of the day since she does not usually remember to open the app and turn it on before leaving the office. Always looking for other interesting things to do.


dearvenumadhav | May 31, 2019

The APIs are for Tesla mobile app->Tesla server->Car, and as there are not many updates to the app, I don't think there are any changes in the API.
Connecting the mobile and monitoring the traffic through Charles proxy should tell us if there are any changes.
I have few ideas but not getting time to work on.
-put all the controls on one page to avoid doing an extra step going into climate / controls menu
-save multiple climate profiles with different combinations, and activate them with one-click (like driver temp/passenger temp/seat heater...)
-maybe Siri shortcuts integration (didn't find out a way yet)..

MDMatt | May 31, 2019

I do not recall what it was, but after the 16.3 update, I did notice two new data elements in the vehicle data packet coming back. It might have been coincidence that I got the 16.3, and that the new element was before then, since the API comes from the Tesla server. I think that the new element was "use_range_badging" and some other one similar to that in the Vehicle Config section. I get this value as true, might be related to having the LR model. Also, the API Version did not change, still sitting at 6.

I guess I was just looking for a thread of like minded people that are interested in what the API has to offer and working with and using the data. Unfortunately, there might be old threads on this, but it is soo difficult to find old threads in this forum, but that is another topic all together.