Dashcam recording

Dashcam recording

The firmware version is 2019 16.2.
I press camera icon with red dot but the icon never change to that as shown in the manual. The icon changes instead, to one with down arrow. Pressing that down arrow icon appears to cause saving recorded images onto the USB memory.

What I want to know is how to start, pause and stop recording.

SteveWin1 | May 31, 2019

Press and hold for a little bit until you see a flash under your finger, then release

churin | May 31, 2019

This time I saw icon for PAUSED, but I had to try more than once and never saw "flash". I switched between RECORDING an PAUSED and the operation looked somewhat erratic or not stable.
Last time I mentioned icon with down arrow. This time around I never see it. I wonder why.
Also last time I saw icon for SAVED, but this time never see it. How to start recording?

EVRider | May 31, 2019

While the dashcam is recording (when the icon displays a red dot), touching the icon briefly will save the recording and display a green check mark, touching for a couple of seconds will pause recording and display a gray dot instead of a red one. It takes some practice to make it pause.

churin | May 31, 2019

OK, so it takes some practice. Thanks for your help.

Daryl | June 1, 2019

Since I updated from 12.1.2 to 16.2 it seems harder to pause the dash cam. Might just be me, but it seems like I held it for a long time and it still wouldn't pause.