Linette Lopez & Jim Chanos at it Again

Linette Lopez & Jim Chanos at it Again

Spreading their FUD in a pathetic attempt to harm Tesla. Where’s the SEC now?

Tropopause | June 6, 2019

Wow. Two in one day! Must be summer.

SamO | June 6, 2019

One is wrong. One is not subject to SEC jurisdiction.

And free speech.

You can't stop the freight train. Deliveries over 100,000 annualized to 400,000 per year, mid-2019 is still pretty damn good.

Late, as usual, AF.

But . . . Panasonic $hit the bead.

Maybe Maxwell will be a better acquisition than Silevo was for SolarCity.

Madatgascar | June 6, 2019

I was just posting about this in the TSLA thread, along with 2 other Business Insider articles (4 since TSLA started shooting up 3 days ago). Linette Lopez is a prostitute.

SO | June 6, 2019

Speaking of hit pieces, check out this conversation I had with the head of the NJ dealer association.

Tesla-David | June 6, 2019

i am so damn sick an tired of the FUD from idiots like these two. I love our M3 and MS. Nothing wrong with the quality. Total BS

Tesla-David | June 6, 2019

Nice response @SO!

SO | June 7, 2019

@Tesla-David - thanks.

Tropopause | June 7, 2019

Q2 earnings can’t get here soon enough. Nice job, SO.

SO | June 7, 2019

Thanks Tropopause.