Problems with Tesla app

Problems with Tesla app

I have been happily using the app for months but suddenly it asked to verify my password and then I could no longer sign in. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but no luck. Could sign into my online account but same email and password did not work with app. (message - "sign in failed" "no products linked to your Tesla account"

I use several email addresses and at some point quite some time ago, the email address on my account was changed. After finally getting through to support, I was told that the email address for the app was not the same as that on the account so I had to request a change of the email address, which takes days! (why does Tesla make simple things so hard?)

I'm wondering if anyone know the details. If the app and account were somehow out of sync, why has it been working fine only to break for not reason. Why can't I determine what email address is associated with the app. Seems only Tesla can see that.

Still waiting to get it fixed.

jpsbach | June 19, 2019

Sorry for the small typos in the original. For some reason I was not able to preview it. I now think I know what happened and have managed to fix it. First, Tesla support gave me somewhat incorrect information in that it is possible to change both your email address and password on your Tesla account. It's just a bit tricky because you must claim you've forgotten your password in order to change your email address but it does work.
What I did not understand and doesn't seem to be documented is that only Tesla can associate products with an email address. In my case, I had changed my email address, probably with help from support, a long time ago but was not told that I would have to have them associate my model 3 with the new email address. As a result, I no longer had any products associated with my account. For some reason, the app continued to work. I have no idea why but it stopped working a week or so ago and when I tried to login via the app, I found the vehicle no longer associated.
In my case, all I needed to do was change my email address back to the original and now the app works fine. Hope perhaps this may help other owners.

jimglas | June 19, 2019

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styvwerx | June 19, 2019

Shortly after making my deposit in April 2016, I got a new ISP (fiber) and could NOT get Tesla to change the email associated with my account, even though I can no longer receive email with that address. STILL cannot get this changed.

ken.lunde | June 19, 2019

My main gripe with the Tesla app for iOS is that I have Touch ID enabled, but it never asks for it upon launching the app, and instead the app seems to log me out of my Tesla account after about one month, which involves logging back in, then re-enabling Touch ID to no effect.