Sentry Mode - Home/Near Home Location Problem

Sentry Mode - Home/Near Home Location Problem

Is anyone else having this problem...
I have automatic Sentry mode enabled and I have my home location checked to be excluded from recording. When a home or favorite location is excluded from monitoring, the firmware update states that Sentry mode will not record "at or near" these locations - which is what you would expect. However, there seems to be a registration issue with the range of what is considered "near" to these locations. Sentry mode will not enable even when I am half a mile away from my home location: I have to be much farther away for it to activate. This is a concern for me because when I have to park my car on the street outside my complex or a few blocks away, Sentry will not automatically activate. I know I could manually activate it, but that would make the automation of Sentry-mode excluded locations a bit hit and miss. I suspect that the GPS location of my home within the Sentry mode system does not have enough decimal points to restrict the meaning of "near" to what I consider is a reasonable range, such as a 50-100'.

EVRider | June 19, 2019

That doesn’t sound right. Someone else reported a related issue: the Home location is based on an address, not GPS coordinates, but their actual home location was some distance from the GPS location associated with the address. Could your issue be related? Do you have any issues with HomeLink working with your Home location?

MichaelB00012 | June 19, 2019

I can confirm the same issue as the OP, though I don't know the distance of how far it has to be. I went to a party a few blocks away and drove there and parked on the street. After putting it in park I noticed that Sentry Mode had not automatically activated for some reason, but I was a good quarter mile or more from my garage.

Galjbrownt3 | June 19, 2019

The complex I live in is small and its internal road is not on Google Maps, however, the street address of the complex is, and I live only 120' from that location. I have previously found that you can put a Lat and Long location into the Navigation system and save it as a favorite, which I have, as "Home"; when viewing this lat/long on the console it appears that it locates to about 20' from my house, which I suspect is a rounding difference even though I put five decimal points into the system.
My Homelink works fine and recognizes my actual home location and operates the garage door when I am within 20' of it.
Regarding my testing of auto Sentry mode, I have tested all the compass points except North (due to geography) and at locations on main residential roads, all of which show in Google Maps and it will not trigger at distances of less than half a mile. I have not attempted to tie it down to an exact yardage distance at which it will trigger but I doubt doing so would really add to solving the problem...

RedPillSucks | June 19, 2019

Please register this issue as a bug report or note or whatever so Tesla has some info about this issue

Galjbrownt3 | June 19, 2019

I would, but trying to describe this issue through the car's inadequate voice bug reporting system wouldn't cut it - it would time out long before I even got close to describing the problem.
I wish Tesla would create a proper online bug reporting system into which you could enter problem reports. I understand why they don't do email - the workload would be impossible to manage.

EVRider | June 20, 2019

You can try submitting the problem using the Request Help link on your Model 3 details page on My Tesla.

Galjbrownt3 | June 20, 2019

Thanks, I give that a try.

EVRider | June 20, 2019

Both of our cars are parked across the street from our house at the moment, so I checked to see if Sentry Mode is off (based on home location), and according to the mobile app it is off. However, the app shows the location of both cars at another address in our community that is nowhere near where the cars are parked.

Galjbrownt3 | June 21, 2019

That is very weird! I didn't think to check the car's location in the app when I was testing. I will take a look at that next test.
(I guess in the mean time you have some virtual joyriders to catch :)

1agkirk2 | June 21, 2019

My house is 400 ft from the street address location and my HomeLink and Sentry work fine. I established my home location when parked in front of the garage door.

Cesteps | July 19, 2019

My S is in the garage and sentry is on as we speak...Why?

I am going to manually turn off

Has to be a bug?

michaeldrogers | July 27, 2019

Sentry mode is on at our “home” also, was not on at that location a couple of updates ago?

EVRider | July 27, 2019

I've seen Sentry Mode come on at home after installing updates, but I just disable it using the Sentry Mode icon and it seems to work correctly after that.