New ambient light setting bad for older drivers

New ambient light setting bad for older drivers

Again, Tesla's engineers and test team show their age. With the latest screen dimming, the drop to 15% brightness leaves me without the ability to see the screen in the dark. I'm sure if I was in my 20s again, the new setting would be acceptable, but with my eyes approaching 50, the screen is so dark I can barely find the setting to manually adjust it. The auto setting should have offsets depending on your eyes ability to see in the dark.

M3phan | June 19, 2019

Agree, last night driving home I’m What the heck? Why is my screen so dark?
Manually adjusted brightness up some.

hokiegir1 | June 19, 2019

What version is this on? I haven't noticed it yet but want to warn hubby since he frequently drives late at night.

jd4714 | June 19, 2019

HW3, 2019.20.2.1 wifey received it last night.

RJMIII | June 19, 2019

Same thing happened to me last evening. The worst part was that it was early evening and there was still enough sunlight to see outside. This made the dim screen even harder to see.

I went to the display setting and moved the slider to about 50-60% that was good for the conditions. The UI did not take the screen adjustment out of "Auto" setting, so I'm wondering if it will learn my preferred settings. I'm probably being too hopeful.

teslu3 | June 19, 2019

Saw this with 20.1. Simply changed brightness to a manual setting and back to Auto. Now brightness is back to normal.

jd4714 | June 19, 2019

I didn’t get this with 20.1 HW2.5 and it wasn’t in the release notes, just Dog Mode improvement and bug fixes.

M3NOICE | June 19, 2019

Same here with 20.2.1. Auto is a little too dark for my eyes...

hokiegir1 | June 19, 2019

Ahh -- thanks, everyone. We also got 20.2.1 last night and that was part of the release notes when we got in the car earlier, so I was able to give hubby the heads up that many people had trouble seeing it at first, so at least he won't be caught off guard if it happens. I very rarely drive at night (not for any reason -- it just doesn't happen often), but he does it regularly.

lbowroom | June 19, 2019

I'm guessing the change was in response to complaints that the screen was too bright for people at night.

Now that they've made it dimmer, there are complaints that it's too dim along with an accusation of ageism.

lbowroom | June 19, 2019

By the way, I've passed the 50 mark.

jd4714 | June 19, 2019

@hokiegir1 Sounds like you need to get out more ;-)

hokiegir1 | June 19, 2019

LOL @jd - I go out at night -- I just don't drive when I do. :)

RJMIII | June 19, 2019

Actually, although I turn 50 this year, I think the current setting is so dim that I think the 20 yr olds will complain too.

MYWBear | June 20, 2019

It's hard to believe that Tesla even tested this "improvement" before releasing this new ambient light setting. This is very sloppy work. My eyes are fine and the screen is way too hard to view in dark mode.

The worst part is that when it is in auto mode, it just automatically switches from the light to the dark setting when the ambient light decreases. So, you are temporarily left with a display screen that is too dark to read until you can change the settings on the display. Unfortunately, this is probably all occurring while you are still driving.

If Tesla is going to screw around with the ambient light default settings, Tesla also needs to allow customized settings that can be saved.

Until Tesla fixes this, our Teslas just became a little less safe to drive. :(

kvn.wong2 | June 20, 2019

It’s not age, I’m in my 20s and I find it way too dark. During the night time the glare from surrounding headlights and streetlights meant I had to squint to see the display. I ended up bumping brightness back up manually.

A service tech told me the panels are oled in the model 3. Perhaps they are lowering brightness to prevent burn in?

jvcesare | June 20, 2019

This was probably coded by the same people who worked on that Game of Thrones night battle episode

vmulla | June 20, 2019

I just experienced this pulling out of my garage.
My rear view camera brightness was the thing that bothered me the most | June 20, 2019

It’s Tesla’s his way of telling you to make an appointment with an optometrist to have a check for cataracts.

vmulla | June 20, 2019,
You're joking right?

JayKay3 | June 20, 2019

Remember, give feedback direct to the Tesla team. They don’t tend to monitor the forum and won’t create service tickets from here.

vmulla | June 21, 2019

Just my observation - most forum topics that gathered momentum was addressed with an OTA.

Now, I don't know where Tesla got their feedback from, but this forum's response is indicative of likeliness of what might happen.

hokiegir1 | June 21, 2019

I would like to see a user set "minimum" and "Maximum" on the auto settings - preferably tied to driver profile.

We'll finally see the night mode settings tonight, so hopefully we'll have a chance to adjust them before we get on the road for our event.

geno.kearney | June 21, 2019

Same here with 20.2.1. Too dark for my eyes at night. 57 yrs old. but I don't think my eyes are the problem.

rpc_in_va | June 21, 2019

Release notes for 20.2.1 say it’s adjustable. Just move the slider to the desired brightness and leave it on auto. I haven’t driven at night yet, but the adjustment worked one sittin in my garage. | June 21, 2019

SUPER EASY FIX - press Controls -> Display, then tap "AUTO" so it's gray. Now you can set the night and day levels to your personal preference.

lbowroom | June 21, 2019

If you turn auto off, you need to change your setting every day and night, no? That's not convenient at all.

rpc_in_va | June 21, 2019

lbowroom, no need to take it off auto, not even to do this adjustment.

mikedubyaa | June 21, 2019

in my 30's and I love it. So too me i think this simply a personal preference issue. The fix would be to a have toggle setting for aggressive dimming or regular dimming.

Tesla2018 | June 21, 2019

Does it adjust to day and night by using the GPS time for your area or is there a sensor?

My headlights turn on when I pull into my dark garage, but the screen setting never changes.

Anybody drive into a tunnel and have it change to night and then turn back to light after coming out?

hokiegir1 | June 21, 2019

@Tesla2018 - ours seems to be a specific time that changes by a couple minutes daily or weekly. This time of year, it seems to be around 8:30 or so.