Navigate on Autopilot Exit Issue.

Navigate on Autopilot Exit Issue.

Perhaps others can help me understand why AP is programmed to act like this?

Proceeding on a 3 lane highway, Navigate on AP in the middle lane. Nearing the exit, the car needs to move over to the rightmost exit lane.

Let it do it's thing. Manually, I'd get over sooner than AP does. The distance to the exit gets into the tenths of a mile count down. Will it get over? Getting close. Going speed limit +5 mph. Traffic behind already in the exit lane going faster and catching up quickly not knowing AP is about to lane shift over to the exit lane.

AP gets over at the last moment and the approaching vehicle gets the surprise and I get the dirty looks. What's more, the turn signal triggers virtually simultaneously when the car changes lanes.

Help me understand why my car doesn't get over a bit sooner to avoid this frequent issue? And shouldn't the turn signal lead the lane shift a bit sooner?

This is a familiar exit. Sure, I can use the turn signal and get over sooner on my own. A few months ago the car wouldn't slow down adequately on this exit itself. Now it slows to 40mph so that's a welcome improvement.

Joshan | June 24, 2019

It is in BETA is not not perfect by any means.

I usually just use the stalk to tell it to change lanes myself if I feel it needs to move over.

You can still use the Stalk when on NoAP to initiate lane changes,

Joshan | June 24, 2019

When things like that happen also hit the button and submit a bug report to Tesla saying the car should have moved over sooner.

Tronguy | June 24, 2019

@wilborville, @Joshan: Beta it is. Twice in the last two days navigating on autopilot from central New Jersey to Newark Penn Station and Newark Airport, NoA kept on trying to move the car from the center lane to the far left lane on I95 when the exit was coming up on the right in 0.4 miles or less; in both cases, had to turn off NoA to keep from wrenching the car into the correct lane.
Other times, it all works like a dream, putting one onto the exit ramp and onto the next interstate sans problems.
How does one send a bug report? :)

Joshan | June 24, 2019

How does one send a bug report? :)

Press the right wheel on the steering wheel for voice command and say "bug report (and your issue)".

So in this case you would hit the button and say "Bug Report: The car was too late moving over for the exit"

It sends Tesla all the relative information about your car currerntly to assess and hopefully fix any issues.

wilborville | June 24, 2019

I used the Bug Report for this particular exit when the exit ramp speed was entirely too fast. You only get a few words in. Cannot have a long sentence. Exit speed is manageable now.

I've had NoAP move into the left passing lane for no obvious reason I could see. Traffic cluster way up ahead.
I let it do it's thing only to find out the car way ahead was slower than me as we slowly caught up. it wasn't obvious to the eye. Radar must have "seen" a small closure rate.

My mantra has been "get rid of aggressive drivers and trucks and NoAP would be nearly perfect". Not going to happen.

Another thought. AP steering to maintain lane center works fine. If someone drifts into our lane, will AP move over? I've taken over several times without the courage to see what happens if i do nothing.

Off topic except for bugs reports. I use TACC nearly constantly. That the car will come to a full stop with traffic stopped ahead, is another layer of protection against rear-ending someone. I like it more with a vehicle ahead.
The speed limit displayed on our screen is mostly correct yet there's numerous instances of it being incorrect.
I tried a Bug Report for one town that has a speed limit of 25 all the way through Main St., yet the screen speed shows 35. Anything we can do to update the speeds until the cameras can read speed signs?


howard | June 24, 2019

Geo mapping data still has aways to go along with GPS overlay.

SteveWin1 | June 24, 2019

I don't think you need to send a bug report. They're using what we're doing to train the algorithms. If you just hit the stalk to get over earlier, it'll eventually learn that most of us prefer for it to get over sooner. If you just let it do its thing, its not going to learn anything. Use the blinker to make it do what you think is appropriate.

Tronguy | June 24, 2019

@SteveWin1: So, in the three-wide express lanes, exit coming up in 1 mile. NoAP says, "Move to left lane". Hit the cancel on the touch screen. Later, rinse, repeat 5 or six times. 0.4 miles, time to get over; try for signal to right, it hits the computer-generated signal-to-left, it boops a bunch, but no right turn. Try again - immediately, wants me to move to the left lane.
Screw this for a lark: Cancel NoAP and move over. Jerking the car out of NoAP (which would probably auto-gen the bug report) startles the SO and passengers and didn't want to do that.
Like I said, Beta, got it, I've seen problems around this exit before, and, by gum, here it is again. I'm not upset or anything; I expect it to get better with time.

CharleyBC | June 24, 2019

I've found that most of the time the car wants to get into the right lane about a mile before the exit, and I'm comfy with that.

But there are exceptions, and I haven't figured out the pattern or cause, but I recognize what OP describes.

The other now-and-then weirdness is what it does once it's in the right lane. Usually if it has to slow down for traffic, it just slows down and hangs out there until we get to the exit. I imagine the car saying, "we're too close to the exit to bother passing now, even though that guy ahead is going 15 below the limit." But once in a while it'll decide it wants to pass, even for a small speed differential. I usually cancel that.

wilborville | June 25, 2019

Please be patient with me. I like to know what's happening behind the scene.

Our cars are data linked. is everything we do transmitted on a continuous basis or only when we take over by
breaking away AP steering?

@SteveWin1 says, "They're using what we're doing to train the algorithms. If you just hit the stalk to get over earlier, it'll eventually learn that most of us prefer for it to get over sooner. If you just let it do its thing, its not going to learn anything. Use the blinker to make it do what you think is appropriate".

I get the part about taking over from AP, creating a bug report. I want to believe what Steve says about our behavior at the controls, is used to improve the algorithms.

if so, is all this behavior being uploaded solely to educate the "machine" out there or is there learning taking place in our vehicles as well? Early on I assumed the latter might be happening using AP steering running up on a "Y" in the road. I normally turn toward the right. I thought for awhile it was learning my preference. Sadly it was just a few times it chose to take the right branch. Hopeful thinking. No predictability for which direction after perhaps a 100 trials.

"Welcome to the machine" That came to me during an MRI. Now it's coming to me when driving this clever vehicle. It's a delight to be part of this machine learning experience if in fact, every time we drive, me are helping advance the technology. It'd be better knowing "why is it doing that"? Why we are here?

BTW, the exit I had problems with mentioned already (last moment lane shift), today, displayed it was ready to get into the exit lane maybe a half mile to go. It worked fine. What happened?

sumwal12 | June 25, 2019

I too have faced this problem with 2 specific exits in the NJ area where the car wants to move to the left lane while the exit is coming up pretty soon on the right. The only commonality in these exits is that the ongoing route (after the exit) includes crossing the freeway (NJ Turnpike) using a flyover. So it appears NoA is not able to differentiate between the current route and a flyover that it needs to take later - essentially it gets confused between taking the exit and crossing over that road. Again it is just a hunch at this time....

tawarayama | October 1, 2019

Maybe the database NoA is using lacks sufficient information in certain states? Even with V10 installed, while driving in a large Midwestern city NoA has never attempted a lane change or exit on its own. Not just failing to exit the freeway to a secondary street. It never attempts an exit from one freeway to another even when the spoken and map guidance indicate the exit and I activate the turn signal. Just steers happily past the exit.

82bert | October 1, 2019

That makes no sense. Gotta wonder if you have NoA truly engaged. What city?

ODWms | October 2, 2019

Oh, I don’t doubt it at all. I’ve had that happen repeatedly. Certainly not all the time, but enough to be an annoyance.

82bert | October 2, 2019

@odwms. They’re saying it NEVER takes the exit or interchange. That makes ZERO sense. I had a missed intersection months ago, and it was the same one every time. Otherwise, it hits all of them.

tawarayama | October 3, 2019

I can assure you NoA was properly engaged. Software version is 2019.32.11. Tested multiple of both diamond and cloverleaf intersections between combinations of state and interstate controlled access freeways. This is the Minneapolis - St Paul metro area (population of about 1.4 M).