Active safety system improvements

Active safety system improvements

In a Tesla press release on getting the NCAP 5-star safety ratings, Tesla described some of what they are doing, that I've never seen talked about before. From the release:

"Euro NCAP’s results demonstrate the impact of recent improvements made to our Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system that were extended to all Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars built since October 2016 via an over-the-air software update earlier this year. They also reflect important safety improvements made with new features like Lane Departure Avoidance, Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance, and conditional speed limits based on time of day and weather conditions.

Tesla’s engineers developed each active safety feature evaluated by Euro NCAP by leveraging the real-world data collected from the sensor suite of every Tesla vehicle made since October 2016, coupled with data from billions of inputs from actual drivers to help us understand how drivers behave in dynamic scenarios. This data gives us a more precise understanding of the environment around our cars and the different ways that accidents happen, allowing us to more accurately predict when an accident is likely to occur and deploy automated technology to mitigate or avoid it."

Really cool that Tesla is learning from all their cars on the road to improve safety systems in addition to AP. Another huge advantage beyond any other automaker that will make it even harder for others to catch up to Tesla.

jimglas | July 4, 2019

but I heard there was a tesla fire in china once