If Tesla Vehicles had PV panels would they qualify for 30% Federal Incentive?

If Tesla Vehicles had PV panels would they qualify for 30% Federal Incentive?

Shopping for an electric lawn mower I discovered a manufacturer that sells an optional PV canopy which allows for a federal incentive of 30% off the canopy and batteries. Fully explained via this link:

If Tesla included an optional add on like this would their vehicles qualify for the same incentive?

FISHEV | July 5, 2019


30% applies to total price up to $10k.

Total price to put solar roof on Tesla (1kWh a day on sunny day) is probably about $500 so a $50 rebate if it applied.

Xerogas | July 6, 2019

@more: so, 30% of the $500 panels themselves? Doesn’t seem worth it, especially with the incentive expiring.

kevin_rf | July 6, 2019

I wonder if there is a loophole. Remember Fish is always wrong, I'll sit back and wait for Big Horns reply.

FISHEV | July 6, 2019

"especially with the incentive expiring."

The solar panel incentive is not expiring but it only applies to residential construction not to PV panels on cars. Toyota which did and still does in Japan have a great PV install on Prius doesn't qualify for the Solar PV credit.

Restoring EV credit across the board is what needs to happen. And it should be either a direct credit vs. tax credit or at least if tax credit it can be applied over multiple years and increased to $10k.

But that's another story.

Benefit of a nice 1kWh per day system on a Tesla is the 120 kWh a year saved which overall in US is dirty power. Tesla could be taking out 12 gW of dirty power for every 100,000 Teslas and saving owners $30 a year in costs pay for all my snacks while charging.

more | July 9, 2019

I only ask because this electric mowing manufacturer is somehow getting the 30% off the battery packs on board the zero turn they sell to professionals. Check out the link;

Nexxus | July 10, 2019


The 30% they are referring to is the Fed Tax Credit you get off you taxes when you file the following year. You still pay full price up front and no, they aren't getting 30% efficiency from the 200W canopy they sell in addition to the mower. They also don't say how long it takes to fully recharge the mower from just the canopy if you don't plug it in. It could take weeks to recharge. They just don't tell you this.

kaffine | July 10, 2019

Nexxus : Since a major cost of a Tesla is the battery pack getting a 30% tax credit off of it by adding a solar panel would be a huge benefit. I don't expect it to work if the loophole did allow it I figure it would get fixed before people could actually claim it.

Atoms | July 10, 2019

You are going to mount solar panels on your Tesla? Doesn’t make sense. Also doesn’t make sense for Tesla to do such a thing. It is quite absurd. The power is absurdly low and the chance of rock damage is high. It would be broken within a month. It would make about as much sense of putting a nuclear reactor in a Tesla. That probably makes slightly more sense, but not by much.