Terminology question for the Britts

Terminology question for the Britts

What we call the trunk, you cal the boot.
Do you call the frunk the froot?

mazers | July 18, 2019


CRAIGJFIFTY3 | July 18, 2019

I knew that, I just felt this forum could use some levity.

gballant4570 | July 18, 2019

I was almost gonna say nice try......

jordanrichard | July 18, 2019

Wellll, if one has a AWD Telsa, then it is still a "hood" or as the Brits call it a bonnet, since there is a motor upfront which is what a hood/bonnet traditionally covers...............

steevsteevsteev | July 18, 2019

I am Froot

CharleyBC | July 18, 2019

@steevsteevsteev: Nice!!

inconel | July 18, 2019

We have also agreed a while ago in this forum to call the Well area in the frunk the "Wunk" ("Woot" for our Brits friends). Wunking the Woot.

billlake2000 | July 18, 2019

Kudos on some very nice levity!

BuffaloBillsFan | July 18, 2019

Why the hell do they call it a bonnet? Isn’t that something people put on their heads? I am seriously confused.

I prefer trunk and frunk, FTR . . .

vmulla | July 18, 2019


Sparky | July 18, 2019

Grow some Frunk of your own, Beatle.

Tronguy | July 18, 2019

@BuffaloBillsFan: It's their language, they invented it. Sweater=pullover, elevator=lift, favor=favour, and weird (to the US types) conjugations of what happens when somebody gets injured and sent to a hospital.
If you really want to see something, check out one of the official language of Papua New Guinea: It's "tok pisin", as in "talk pidgin English". Fun.

Earl and Nagin ... | July 18, 2019

In English 1.0: Sweater = Jumper actually.
Of course, we Americans (English 2.0) Park in our Driveways and Drive on our Parkways so what do we know.

bj | July 18, 2019

Yes, we here in Australia call the front boot the froot.

vmulla | July 18, 2019

Not foot?

SalisburySam | July 19, 2019

@inconel, I was told that if one wunked to much they would go blind. Fortunately for me, I can still see.

95dawg | July 19, 2019

We step on the gas to accelerate, but hit the brakes to slow down.

English is weird. lol

Pepperidge | July 19, 2019

boot <-> foot. trunk <-> frunk.

Ross1 | July 19, 2019

One refers to it as The Queen's English

Ross1 | July 19, 2019

When did one ever place one's gloves in one's glovebox?

Ross1 | July 19, 2019

The hood is really the roof.