Dash Wrap? (Not the wood part)

Dash Wrap? (Not the wood part)

Hey all,

Curious if anyone has seen or done a wrap on the actual dash in the M3. Not talking about the wood part, but the actual upper part of the cash.

Just had a thought that if that part of the dash was wrapped in leather or faux leather, with some stitching it would make it feel a lot more like high end/luxury vehicles out there and would be pretty cool. I tried searching for this, but every time I do, its just all about wrapping the wood part in vinyl. Just curious.


raqball | July 19, 2019

The only thing I can tell you is that I had an appointment earlier this week to fix a blemish on the dash pad area. They have an upholstery person who comes to the SC once a week and he fixed mine up.

But what they said was if he could not fix it they'd need to order the entire dash as the dash pad portion is not replaceable by itself... I assume that might also make it problematic to wrap.

surfpearl | July 19, 2019

Haven't seen any wrapped like that, but you should first experiment by placing some large pieces of potential materials (different colors, levels of shine, etc.) over the original dash to check for any undesired reflections from the windshield or other visual and thermal effects. Drive with them in place for a while before biting the bullet. If it turns out that the dash is not DIY wrap-friendly, visit a detailing shop in your area to see what they could do.