App to calculate electrical usage

App to calculate electrical usage

Using my electric utility bill, I can figure out my cost per KWH. I wonder why Tesla doesn’t have an app that would allow me to plug this figure in so that I can see how much it is costing me per mile/trip/distance between charging, etc. Does anyone else think this might be useful?

jordanrichard | July 26, 2019

Under Trips, it calculates how many kWhs you used. Multiply that by what you pay for electricity and divide by the miles. Using my numbers as an example. I just returned from a Owners club event and my total mileage to and back to my house was 126.4 miles and I used 34.7 kWh. I pay $.20 per kWh so 34.7 kWh works out to $6.54/126.4 miles works out to $.05 per miles. So while I don’t like having to pay $.20 p kWh, it does making calculating my total cost easy because I just simply double the kWh amount.

Tesla-David | July 27, 2019

Consider TeslaFi app. which we have used for past three years. It gives us accurate charging info for both of our cars (MS and M3) as well as a lot of other useful information.

baronson | July 27, 2019

Tesla-David, thanks for the link. Not sure it does what I want. Would like to know my cost per mile, per trip, and per charge. Plus, they ask for a lot of info(particularly my tesla sign in info) that I don't feel comfortable giving them. They don't have an app; so, you have to use It over the web. Finally, it costs $5/month. I think this is something Tesla could and should provide for free as part of the car interface. I was hoping this thread might get Elon's attention and, if he thinks it is worthwhile, he would add it to the software. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond and send me the link.

Yodrak. | July 27, 2019

"Does anyone else think this might be useful?"

To that level of detail, no. I do meter a 120 V outlet in my garage that I use to charge my Leaf, and the 240 V, 40 A, EVSE that I use to charge my S has a built-in meter. I read the meters monthly on the same day that the electric company reads my meter so that I can allocate my electric bill among the house and the two cars. That's all I'm interested in.

Tesla-David | July 28, 2019

The TeslaFi app also gives cost of charge. Here are the parameters tracked by app for each charge. Everything you are looking for.

charge 683
Battery Level
Charge Efficiency
Charge Cost
Rated Miles Added
Estimated Completion

sosmerc | July 28, 2019

I think it would be kinda cool to have a screen on your EV that calculates your cost per mile as you go in realtime.
Not sure that it would be hard to do, just plug in your particular local rate and the car computer would do the math.

tesla | August 1, 2019

I'm pretty certain it would merely be a software update whenever the tech's decide to incorporate the feature.