new roof & panel preparations

new roof & panel preparations

We have to get our roof replaced. Per our contract with Tesla, we must pay for the solar panel removal and re-installation. I had no trouble speaking with Tesla about this, and they suggested that we may be able to get the panel removal and re-installation for slightly less money elsewhere. However, if they do it, they will ensure that the entire system (which includes two powerwalls) will be fully operational. The additional cost of a single vendor taking ownership of the system functionality is worth the higher cost to me. (How much could we save elsewhere? I don't know for sure yet.) Constructive opinions?

moz1058 | August 6, 2019

They aren't able to install on many standing seam metal roofs, FYI.

ciwuxi | August 12, 2019

An update. Had a very helpful phone call from Telsa Customer Support last night. They talked me through connecting directly with the gateway via the IP address.from the laptop.