What improvements WERE you hoping for in the V10?

What improvements WERE you hoping for in the V10?

Since V10 is out, it's time to tweak the subject of the thread.

jjgunn | August 12, 2019

1) No more phantom braking
2) Stop the dancing cars at a stoplight
3) Maybe the ability to size windows on the screen
4) When using a SuperCharger, Tesla, on screen, directs you to the most optimal slot. It's shocking how many people don't understand pairing.
5) Suggest a date & schedule our HW upgrades from 2/2.5 to 3.0 -- with us approving the date or us selecting an optimal date for our schedules.

cquail | August 12, 2019

On pairing:
Sometimes you want a slower charge so you have time to eat.
Pairing is going away with V3 supercharging.

casun | August 12, 2019

1) hover mode
2) laundry service
3) lasers

M3phan | August 12, 2019

Review/delete sentry videos on car screen (I wish)

Xerogas | August 12, 2019

Change lanes more courageously

SalisburySam | August 12, 2019

Good lists from @jjgunn and @casun, and thanks for the chuckles too. For me, the one, the only, the most needed V10 “feature” is the elimination of phantom braking. Give me that, and I’ll be very happy. THEN with point releases do the normal new-thingie stuff.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | August 12, 2019

What is the difference between V10 software and 2019.24.4 software? Is the V software more of a primary system OS and the 2019 a GUI type of thing?

synfendia | August 12, 2019

1) As @Xerogas says more succinctly, I would like to see Nav on Autopilot improve lane changing a bit:
- When it pulls into the left lane to pass another car, it currently does not really seem to care much about pulling in front of a faster moving car. Some times I've seen autopilot frustrate other drivers as the courteous thing to do would be to allow the faster car to pass first.
- I still find that Nav on Autopilot hangs out in the left lane a little too much, even when the coast is clear.

2) Add a config to associate the driver profile with the key that unlocked the car. Sure it won't always be correct if two phone keys approach the car. But I expect it would be more right than wrong, and you could turn it off if you don't want it.

3) Slacker->Spotify

4) Manage sentry mode events onboard

coselectric | August 12, 2019

I want fan speed controls on the main display. There's space if they just scoot the other icons at the bottom around a little.

And Donkey Kong. Or maybe Pengo. Remember Pengo? I loved the mini skits that the penguins would do after you clear a level.

howard | August 12, 2019

Eliminate phantom braking
Press for wiper and adjust wiper speed with left thumb wheel
Make fog light and head light icons active and permanent so they can be turned on and off with a single press
Improve TACC to where it works as well as my other cars

82bert | August 12, 2019

@synfendia. 2 is now a thing on 28.2 that had been going out. So it will be coming to your car soon enough.

cmdo | August 12, 2019

Car to recognize and stop at Red lights and stop signs (even if I have to babysit it for a few months to help AI learn) AND accelerate after the stop when light turns green at a decent pace

If I have navigation on, exit freeway into correct lane for next turn.

Advanced Summon

Apple carplay (or at least get txt messages on screen)


casun | August 12, 2019

4) reduce/eliminate sudden braking
5) manage dashcam/sentry videos from the display
6) better usb media interface
7) live dash/sentry video on the mobile phone app

EVRider | August 12, 2019

@CRAIGJFIFTY3: The current firmware is V9, which is shown if you look at the version number in the car. The 2019.24.4 identifies the year, week number, and build number of a particular release. The V10 releases will use the same format.

gadget63 | August 12, 2019

as for watching sentry or dashcam video on screen, I found a workaround for that. I bought a wireless wifi USB thumbdrive for the M3. Now when I want to see videos, I don't have to remove the drive anymore. Just connect to it's wifi from my phone and look at the videos while still inside the car. Problem almost completely solved.

raqball | August 12, 2019

1) Address phantom braking
2) Address dancing cars at a stoplight
3) Read SMS through speakers
4) View and manage Dashcam and sentry videos

I also hope (not specific to V10) that Premium connectivity will be offered to those who don't have it and want to pay for the service.

FISHEV | August 12, 2019

1. Blind Side Indicators.
A. Add thick yellow then red line in visualization when car approaches and is in blind spot.
B. Add large Yelllow/Red car in blind spot indicator on top left/right corners of car info screen.
C. Beep and flash if turn signal is on and car is in blind pot.

2. Lane Assist/Alarm works consistently on every road, every time.
A. Visual and auditory alarm every time line is crossed without turn signal.
B. Turn off/on the assist feature (can already do that) but leave visual/auditory alarm.
C. No geo-fencing out major roads.

3. Phantom Braking issue.

4. Create rear cross track warning from existing sensors

All of this should be basic AP with no connection to "Full Self Driving".

gmkellogg | August 12, 2019

Yup, still can't tell the difference between discussions and bitching.

gmkellogg | August 12, 2019

Yup, still needs to get the last word in.

Techy James | August 12, 2019

"2) Stop the dancing cars at a stoplight" -> I currently have 2019.28.2 and haven't noticed the dancing cars like was common starting around 2019.16 and later.
"4) When using a SuperCharger, Tesla, on screen, directs you to the most optimal slot. It's shocking how many people don't understand pairing." -> Better yet more V3.0 chargers where there is no pairing.
"5) Suggest a date & schedule our HW upgrades..." -> This is only for FSD early adopters with builds prior to April 2019. Per Elon, these upgrades will only start after features released for FSD exceed the capacity of AP 2.5 hardware.
@cquail on pairing you shouldn't impose your desire for slower charge on another driver. Now if you and a fellow tesla driver want to eat lunch together, then all means park in a paired outlet.
@casun #3 for sure, need a way to thaw all those ICE cars slowing us down.

My List:
1) like @M3phan pointed out review/delete sentry videos on car screen. Would be easier to scan recent and keep/delete when there is 1 or 2 entries, maybe even a delete current if your in hurry and visual inspection shows no damage.
2) Red light/Stop Sign detection when not using AP in City that adapts to when you normally slow down and warns you if you go 20% past that point. Should be configurable percentage.
3) Option to puchase Apple/Google Car Play feature add on. Similar to the current option for Homelink but would only require software changes.
4) Starting to see FSD features available to Previous purchasers starting with Limited Access roads. Doing 3 to 4 long hauls over 1K, this would be great even if they was geo fenced to only Limited Access roads with no cross roads.
5) Data packages where you can stream videos while supercharging.

vmulla | August 12, 2019

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If you find the thread inappropriate please flag it. If anyone finds the comments inappropriate please flag them.

Effopec | August 12, 2019

I'd settle for one: Don't require me to stop and put the car in park to toggle between auto lane change and confirmation required. What is the purpose for that? I like auto lane change in light traffic, but not in the city. So if I make a long drive I need to decide if the annoyance in the city is worth the ease between cities, or vise versa. And if I disable auto lane change when starting figuring I'll enable it at the first SC stop, I inevitably forget anyway.

moe14 | August 12, 2019

Audio Feature: Playlist functionality.

TabascoGuy | August 12, 2019

@vmulla - from now on you only get 3 flags a day, use them wisely.

gmkellogg | August 12, 2019

@vmulla that's fair.

@moe14 +1000

synfendia | August 12, 2019

@82bert - Whoa, so it is! Thanks for the tip! I don't know how that slipped by me. I've been hoping for profile linking for a while. It is really cool to see them implement a feature *exactly the way* I was asking for it.

Techy James | August 12, 2019

@Effopec Instead of enabling/disabling auto lane change, I normally leave Auto Lane Change on and turn off NoAP. For me this stops car wanting to change lanes, then if want to re-enable just push icon for NoAP. Assuming you have destination set audio will still alert you to exits, and you can click the turn signal when you want to switch lanes.

Magic 8 Ball | August 12, 2019

@TabascoGuy Where is the 3 flag info. coming from?

bfenster | August 12, 2019

"Good Samaritan" mode for NoAP - Main reason I don’t use NoAP is that it moves into the fast lane too aggressively. Eg. I have limit set to 75mph. Car in front of me is going 72. Fast lane is moving at 85. And it immediately moves over. So annoying for me and the people in the fast lane…. Make this an optional setting or build it into the current NoAP aggressiveness profiles!!

Joseb | August 12, 2019

I actually agree with @FISHEV points 1-3

- Blind side
- Lane warning/assist
- Phantom braking

spuzzz123 | August 12, 2019

You should never admit to that.

bddaughe | August 12, 2019

@bfenster, they already have this. You can determine how aggressive your NOA is. There are 4 levels if I recall.

rdavis | August 12, 2019

2. The ability to make voice calls by contact type (IE, call "name of person", on cell or Home or work).
3. Spotify would be nice ;)

bfenster | August 12, 2019

@bddaughe for me, these NoAP levels only seem to impact how aggressively a lane change is made (size of opening in traffic for the new lane that is permissible & speed at which change is made). I’ve played with these levels and, for me, it doesn’t take into account speed differential of the new lane vs. just staying put in the existing lane. There’s a good chance that I’m doing something wrong.. :) And I’ve sworn it of for a few months so maybe it’s better now... will test again this afternoon

RoadDevil | August 12, 2019

Be able to stream video from cameras and from saved sentry video clips on app remotely.

keithoneill4 | August 12, 2019

Slowly ramp up music after ending a call. I listen to loud music and after a call it blasts me.

leo33 | August 12, 2019


Hp.1193 | August 12, 2019

More like a wishlist then “hope” bahaha..

jim | August 12, 2019

I'm with @moe14 +1 for play lists

lbowroom | August 12, 2019

Read SMS through speakers - Hey siri, read messages.

Apple carplay (or at least get txt messages on screen) - Apple has never allowed text messages displayed on screen. However, Siri is more than happy to read them to you and offer you to reply. Just ask her.

CharleyBC | August 12, 2019

I’d vote for many of the things listed above. And I’ll add one. Software queuing when there is a line at a Supercharger. There’s usually no place for a physical queue to form without blocking access to other parking or stores or whatever. Also usually folks are decent and work it out among themselves. But I’ve seen exceptions, like the guy who just kinda pulled in front of other waiting Teslas in Gustine, and steadfastly refused to make eye contact so he could pretend he didn’t see anyone else waiting.

The software could essentially assign you a number, and then even if you snuck in early, you wouldn’t be able to charge before your appointed turn.

TickTock | August 12, 2019

1) Advanced Summons
2) Traffic light detection
3) Speed limit sign detection (esp. school zones)
4) Defensive lane positioning (don't always drive dead center in the lane but give room when another vehicle wanders to the edge of their lane)
5) Happy Ending for Romance Mode (but I guess that requires new hardware)

TickTock | August 12, 2019

Apparently you can flag your own comments..

TickTock | August 12, 2019

can't, that is (why can't we edit our posts?)

lbowroom | August 12, 2019

"Apparently you can flag your own comments.."

I don't have that functionality

TickTock | August 12, 2019

I fumbled on the keyboard - meant to say "can't flag"

CaliforniaMaki808 | August 12, 2019

1) Blind side camera when changing lane
2) Ability to roll down or up windows using app
3) Lock glovebox compartment using a pin (currently only available on valet mode)
4) Ability to watch sentry videos on monitor.
5) Able to screen mirroring with phone
6) Ability to use certain phone apps with Tesla (works with WAZE, Spotify, ...)

jimglas | August 12, 2019

lasers and an ejection seat

leo33 | August 12, 2019

@jimglass that will go well with the flying.

jimglas | August 12, 2019

that works for me