Blue sky downpour (car thought so)

Blue sky downpour (car thought so)

We stopped in Winnemucca for a Supercharge and lunch yesterday. The charge finished faster than the people, so I moved the car out of the Supercharger to in front of the restaurant, and finished lunch. When we climbed in the car and I started it up, the wipers immediately started wiping in downpour mode. It was absolutely dry. Clear blue sky. Maybe bug splats being interpreted as rain drops? So I did a wash cycle. No difference. I set the wipers on manual, position I (low intermittent), and backed out. When I was facing a different direction, I went back to auto, and all was fine for the rest of the trip, including pointing in the same direction toward the sun as it had been parked. My only remaining theory is there was something about the texture or decor of the building in front of where the car was parked that made it think it was looking through water droplets. Hmmm.

Magic 8 Ball | August 14, 2019

Probably Elon at control central watching you using the rear view mirror cam to see how you react when he messes with you. Just smile, don't give him the satisfaction..................

syclone | August 14, 2019

For some reason, when the car sees white stucco walls, it thinks it's raining. I've noted in several bug reports.

SteveWin1 | August 14, 2019

Same issue with the white walls. Happens when I pull into my parking spot at work and when I pull into my garage at home. Textured white wall looks like rain to it, i guess. Mildly annoying, but doesn't happen that often.

Magic 8 Ball | August 14, 2019

I would say if it happens to you frequently to just turn the wiper function off until rain is in the forecast.

Effopec | August 14, 2019

yeah, if I park against my building at work (off white textured paint) it will sometimes trigger the wipers. Not sure what causes it to do that sometimes but be fine others, maybe the angle of the sun?

CharleyBC | August 14, 2019

"For some reason, when the car sees white stucco walls, it thinks it's raining. I've noted in several bug reports."

I wish I could go back and look now, but I think it was sort of orange or salmon colored stucco. But stucco!

vmulla | August 14, 2019

That's an interesting experiment to try :)

Atoms | August 14, 2019

I notice a 90deg turn while it is sunny out will trigger auto wipers.

vswendsen | August 15, 2019

I had this happen last week. In a parking garage when I started charging the wipers came on. When I opened the car door they stopped. When I closed it they came on. Finally left the car door open for the rest of the time I was charging. When I took off they came back on a few times and then stopped for good. No rain or mist at any time they were on.

rdh37 | August 15, 2019

When I first got my car happened all the time in my garage, white cinder block walls. As of a couple of updates ago, it stopped. Currently on 28.3, LR AWD. These days, I generally leave the wipers in manual mode as the auto, to me, does not work very well with light rain. Have a nice, sunny day.