Another form of FUD: BMW Forums deleting pro-Tesla posts

Another form of FUD: BMW Forums deleting pro-Tesla posts

Being a longtime BMW owner, I have made several posts in bimmerpost forums sharing fact-based perspectives on the 3 and how it outshines and outsells the bmw models. BMW clearly doesn't like their customer base informed and are deleting posts with positive references to Tesla. I've seen this multiple times over several months.

If you can't beat them, silence them?? Very lame bmw.

Anyone seen similar behavior on other manufacturer forums.

jimglas | August 14, 2019

color me shocked!

Kary993 | August 14, 2019

BMW sales are horrible....they finally got rid of their CEO though ;)

Joshan | August 14, 2019

I heard Elon Musk was trying to place Jeffrey Epstein at BMW. /s

rsingh05 | August 14, 2019

@Kary993 - their CEO was in complete denial about electrification. The replacement is planing for the Mini sub brand to go all electric by 2023. Bold move, let's see if they can execute. Their current Mini EV has less than 150 miles range so I don't have much faith in anything they say.

jjgunn | August 14, 2019

BMW doesn't like it when Tesla gets free advertising

rsingh05 | August 14, 2019

Yeah I remember he was claiming that you can't do a road trip from Chicago to Banff in a 3. A quick fact-check on ABRP proved him wrong.

lbowroom | August 14, 2019

people flagged fish's posts because they were misleading. He argues this should be general but he tied his misleading opinions to a comparison of his 3 to justify posting them here, the busiest part of the tesla forum

finman100 | August 14, 2019

please define competition.

so far...bupkis.

rsingh05 | August 14, 2019

@wasabi - I hope you are not pointing to me? FYI, I'll give you a couple of examples of BMW moderation on their forums:

1) There was a thread dedicated to Model 3 Performance vs M3. There were several pages of discussion and the thread was closed to all discussion without stating a reason.

2) There was a more recent thread comparing the M340i with an Alfa, a Benz and a Hyundai. Several Audi people chimed in suggesting the OP there try an RS3. I added my comment about Tesla, which btw was well received by the OP there, he said he really liked the 3's handling (but preferred the noise from a gas engine). No lack of decorum at all (unlike FISH etc here). All the other posts remained, including the ones about Audi, but all posts related to Tesla were selectively deleted with no warning or notification.

As for invading spaces - I've owned many BMWs for well over a decade (and still have one in the family). The BMW forum is as much my space as anyone else. Who are you to say otherwise? Do you even understand what forums are and what purpose they serve?

fazman | August 14, 2019

I have both brands
1) FBO n54 335xi
2) P3D+

i like both cars... but enjoy driving my beater 335xi more frequently. P3D+ is the garage queen

rsingh05 | August 14, 2019

@Fazman I had the N54 335xi for a decade before I traded it in for the3P. It was a great car when it was launched in 2006. Probably the last enthusiast focused bmw. The brand went downhill after that.

ReD eXiLe ms us | August 15, 2019

I do not frequent BMW Forums, just as I don't spend any time at Dallas Cowboys Enthusiast forums. I like Tesla much for the same reason I like the San Francisco 49ers. California, the color RED, and consecutive wins. No need to point out the glory of Tesla to BMW fans, they know. No need to express the greatness of the 49ers to poor, wretched, Cowboys fans that commentators on ESPN, CBSSportsNews, or FOXSports tell every year for the past fifteen, twenty, whatever years are 'going to the Superbowl!' without just cause every NFL Preseason. To do so would be immediately recognized as Troll behavior in such a venue as a Cowboys Forum and rightly called out as such.

Similarly, those who prefer pushrod V8s rarely frequent forums dedicated to turbocharged air cooled flat sixes or supercharged/squeezed overhead cam inline fours, or turbocharged and intercooled Wankel Rotaries or 12 cylinder quad cam 48 valve mid engine gas guzzlers. Instead, each group keeps to themselves and are generally allowed to 'win' one argument over another from one week to the next. Ultimately they are all on Team Gasoline, despite the specific application, so like distant cousins at a Family Reunion they are able to at least tolerate each other's company and existence from time-to-time, if from a slightly suspicious, if not exactly welcoming, disposition. Even Team Diesel is allowed to attend, despite their loud boisterous lying MPG/Torque/Emissions claims. And while hybrids are marginalized, at least they acknowledge the need for the presence of a fuel sipping wimpy ICE under the hood, so they can come to the party, as long as their owners don't spout off too much about 'Saving the World!' or whatever.

Electric cars though, and Tesla cars in particular, well that just ain't fair! It's cheating! Once they win, there ain't no argument to be had. What are you gonna say, "My taillights look better!"...?

efuseakay | August 15, 2019

lol The sane happens here with pro-other maker posts too.

efuseakay | August 15, 2019


rsingh05 | August 15, 2019

@Red - the sports team analogy doesn't apply to cars. I actually own both a Tesla and a BMW and regularly drive both.

I have been frequenting BMW forums for ~15 years and see no reason to stop debating the pros and cons of those cars now. I still make comments when I like the design of a bmw, and point out when I don't.

Interestingly I made another post from the same day appreciate E series BMW models and that was appreciated by members there. However, any posts including the word Tesla were deleted. And this was on a thread specifically comparing a BMW model with 3 other manufacturers.

What you said would apply if I started going to Audi or Porsche forums and suddenly start evangelizing Tesla. That would be fake, and I have no interest in that.