Japan Pricing is Wack!

Japan Pricing is Wack!

Tesla Model 3 performance is now $40,000. Yet in japan, the price is $20,000 more!
Is Japan going to see lower pricing? We're looking at $61,600 for awd premium!
I'm a Californian living in Japan and thought this would be a great first brand-new car for my wife and family. Now, I'm thinking of backing out.

bjrosen | August 18, 2019

What kind of tariffs does Japan have on imported cars? I expect that they are massive which is why you are seeing a $20K difference.

lilbean | August 18, 2019

This thread is wack. It’s $55,990.

82bert | August 18, 2019

Since when was performance 40k?!?

Bighorn | August 18, 2019

Totally wrong about the price. Delete your embarrassment.

lilbean | August 18, 2019

Yes, please back out.

BuffaloBillsFan | August 18, 2019

Yeah, I paid “just a little” more than that for mine . . . If I could get an M3P for $40,000, I’d buy one for every member of my family!

Just saying . . .

Bighorn | August 18, 2019

American Performance was $75k a year ago.

lilbean | August 18, 2019

No soup for you!!!

Phantom_Menace | August 18, 2019

What are you talking about? The Model 3 Performance is ¥7,000,000 with a ¥300,000 deposit. There is nothing out of wack here. Works out to $65,000 usd before taxes and fees. The SR+ is ¥5,000,000. Any variance you are seeing is due to exchange rates. In Canada the Model 3 in any variation is a lot more in CAD as well.

BuffaloBillsFan | August 18, 2019

$76,000 is what I paid. Like I said OP, if you can find me 3 $40,000 M3Ps, please let me know. I will buy them unseen. Where do you get your information on M3P prices??

sc.virgomonkey | August 18, 2019

AWD Premium, not performance.
I think I fell victim to the confusing 'after gas savings' price.
Japan's site doesn't actually say that.
So, the price difference is about 7k. I'm trying to sus out why. Especially since Elon or Tesla doesn't have a fanboy base like the U.S./California.
However, I'm going to leave this message up in case it helps someone else doesn't read the 'fine print' and jump to the same conclusion for their country.

Phantom_Menace | August 18, 2019

From what I see on Japan Tesla:
AWD LR ¥6,552,000 already including consumption tax (8%)
That’s the difference.

sc.virgomonkey | August 18, 2019

We've been told that when the tax rate jumps up to 10% in October the price will change.
When asked if we could pre-pay for the car (since we can't select or inspect the vehicle we receive anyway) in order to avoid the tax increase, they said, 'no'.
Initially, we were told that we would receive a car in September, so we thought we were clear.

SamO | August 19, 2019

Japan has a bigger fanboi base than the US. Or maybe you’ve never heard of Yusaku Maezawa?

calvin940 | August 19, 2019


Fix your thread title please.

Magic 8 Ball | August 19, 2019

Another example of a non-owner starting a new thread. The lack of diligence to vet if people are owners or giving permission to non-owners is creating more of an environment of mis-information. | August 19, 2019

@sc.virgomonkey - Also US prices don't show sales take (9% here in CA). This is a USA thing - prices never show sales tax and it varies by state. I know many countries include sales or VAT taxes in the price shown. Actually far more sensible to include all costs, but who says we need to be sensible!

Shipping to Japan likely adds a few dollars too.

terminator9 | August 19, 2019

It is very normal to have different prices in different countries. Input/export Tariffs, VAT, COG, Cost of living, local country factors and many such factors play a role. A US $1000 is different prices in different countries.

billlake2000 | August 19, 2019

Yu smoak krak, yew whack