AutoFold Mirrors Wonky

AutoFold Mirrors Wonky

Does anybody have issues with their mirrors auto-refolding while driving soon after leaving the garage.Mine do that on occasion which can be disconcerting. I love my Model 3 This and inadequate sensitivity of auto setting on windshield wipers and phantom braking on rural roads are the only problems I’ve had. But irritating to have on a $55000 car.

gmr6415 | August 18, 2019

Do you have them set to auto fold based on location (GPS)? I believe that was added in the last update or two so people can set them to fold as they enter a narrow garage.

kevin_rf | August 18, 2019

I do, but that's because I originally set it too far from the garage and had to set a second point closer to the garage. The first point never deleted, so now my car wags it's ears as I head down the driveway.

kevin_rf | August 18, 2019

Btw. Once you hit 30 mph, the mirrors unfold by themselves. A great feature when pulling up close to that Dunkin Donuts drive thru.

EVRider | August 19, 2019

I have the auto fold tied to HomeLink, and the mirrors don’t unfold immediately when I close my garage, it doesn’t happen until I’ve driven up the street. This is how the feature has worked since the beginning.

Kary993 | August 19, 2019

I have a different problem but related. My mirrors auto fold on locking the car which is also automatic. Upon unlocking the mirror always unfold but for some reason on very random occasions (three times now in 6 months) the passenger side mirror will not unfold. So I have to lock the car again and get the auto fold to happen and then usually unlocking will get that stuck mirror to unfold. Anyone have that issue?

Techy James | August 19, 2019

@Kary993 I would make and SC Appointment and have them look through code, it helps if you have date/time it helped so they can look for error codes that might be a clue to problem. If you don't have a Date & Time record it next time it happens and also do a bug report on car. Simple explanation like Passenger side mirror didn't unfold for comment. Then proceed to your fix. This will document any error code that car might have recorded as well.

EVRider | August 19, 2019

@Kary993: When the mirror doesn't unfold, what happens if you use the mirror fold control on the touchscreen? Does it fold the driver's mirror?

If reboot doesn't fix the issue, you probably need service. My old Model S had a problem with the driver's mirror not unfolding all the way, and it was eventually fixed by service.

Kary993 | August 19, 2019

@EVRider - I did not try the unfold the via touch screen. Next time it happens which is infrequent I will try that. Easier than locking and unlocking the car.

MrSexyTime | August 19, 2019

My mirrors used to fold, and stay folded for Summon (in and out of the garage respectively). Lately, the mirrors unfold when I start summon. Did a bug repot on it. Not sure if it happened with the last update, or after the power cycle and reboots after the last update.

EVRider | August 19, 2019

I disabled the regular mirror auto fold feature because my garage opening is narrow, and I want to make sure the mirrors stay folded while the car is in there. Fortunately, I can still use the location/HomeLink-based auto fold feature, which is especially handy when approaching the garage -- the mirrors fold and garage door opens automatically.

aptwo | August 19, 2019

Mine wouldn't fold out when I got in the car over the weekend. I had to unfold it manually. But it only happened once over the 12 months I had the car.

davidnroth | August 19, 2019

@kary993 I have a 2018 M3P (purchased 12/16/2018- Current ver. 2019.20.4.2)
I too have had the same intermittent issue with the passenger side view mirror not unfolding occasionally and all I did was "fold and then unfold" the mirrors again and both mirrors responded as @EVRider had mentioned. I will probably mention it when I go in for service. Good Luck.

sadwith | August 26, 2019

The auto-fold is tied to Homelink and works fine 90% of the time. But sometimes after leaving the driveway (after unfolding properly) they fold up again as I am driving away. Super annoying. Occasionally they don’t unfold at all.

rjwhatley | September 9, 2019

As I was on my way to work i looked at mirror to change lanes and whoooaa the were folded. There should be code to fix this on the fly thats dangerous. Not sure what to do, i rebooted, still folded, the i went to the mirror menu and the menu said fold, so i pressed the button, then the unfold button appeared. all in busy traffic. I set my mirrors never to fold again. Why do they have folded mirrors anyway? Seems like auto open/close with foot sensor trunk would have been a better chose

surfpearl | September 10, 2019

@rjwhatley - Instead of masking the problem, have your Service Center try to fix it. You know approximately when it happened, tell them and they can look up the logs.
Every time after leaving my garage and exiting the long driveway I verify that the mirrors have unfolded. Just a routine safety check. They unfold like a charm 100% of the time. Should they malfunction in the future I will file a bug report. Folding is a great feature, prevents mirrors from colliding with garage doors, walls, gates, people walking by in their garage or passersby in parking lots. Don't be missing out.