Top 3 requests

Top 3 requests

After 8 months of owning my Model 3 these are my top 3 requests:

1. Stop auto-folding mirrors out when charge cable is removed from locked car
Our garage is a tight fit and the side mirrors are close to the wall and other car. When connecting to the (locked) car with the app and bluetooth in order to remove the charge cable, as soon as the cable is removed the mirrors auto-fold out. Since this is a narrow garage I then use Summon to pull the car out of the garage, which auto-folds the mirrors back in. So the mirrors are wastefully auto-folded out, only to be auto-folded back in when summoning. It would be much better to leave the mirrors alone when removing the charge cable.

2. Easier to use fan controls
While driving it is hard to adjust the fan level without being distracted. First the fan icon has to be tapped, then we have to continue looking at the screen in order to find the small -/+ icon and tap it repeatedly. This can get very distracting and be dangerous depending upon traffic conditions. Having larger -/+ icons on the initial screen next to the fan icon would save a tap and allow for faster adjustments while driving.

3. Fix Sentry issues
I've read on these forums that Sentry video issues are being worked on and that a fix is on the way. I use Sentry every time I drive, and have had multiple instances where the video wasn't recorded at all during an important moment, or the video was so choppy with artifacts that it was worthless. I'm using a high speed memory card and have confirmed that this is not the issue. The worst case scenario is that some damage would be done to the car during one of these failing Sentry moments.

Hopefully Tesla reads this post and these issues can be resolved soon.

SalisburySam | August 19, 2019

(1) Reduce severity of phantom braking. (2) Reduce instances of phantom braking. (3) Eliminate phantom braking.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | August 19, 2019

Ghosts are already dead so stop swerving around them.

jvcesare | August 19, 2019

Geofence auto lock so it doesn't lock your car when in your garage.

andy | August 19, 2019

1. Speed limiter
2. Ability to set speed limiter and cruise control speed before engaging them
3. Improved navigation system (or ability to use a 3rd party one via CarPlay or other method)

If I could have a 4th then it would be a way of seeing the ground at the sides of the car when moving forward.

5th would be for the car to use its cameras to update the local speed in real time.

Love the car overall.

Joshan | August 19, 2019


1. exists already it is in the app and in the car itself, but it will force you into Chill mode. I do this when the kid drives. You can also set this before driving so half covers #2 also.
5. They said they need HW3 for as the HW2.5 has no resources available to do this.So this should come sometime "soon"

Joshan | August 19, 2019

jvcesare is correct about the mirrors for the OP. I use that setting and my mirrors do not fold out until I am in the street.

dbwitt | August 19, 2019

@scotch, re: #2. I definitely agree with this one. Adjusting fan speed should be on the main UI, just like the temperature. There are some extra taps right now that seem unnecessary and it seems like there is room on the main screen for this to exist.

CharleyBC | August 19, 2019

Configurable time-of-day settings for the on-board coffee maker to automatically select caf or decaf.

mfan888 | August 19, 2019

+1, 2, and 3 on the easier fan speed control!! Right now it's a hazard...

Joseb | August 19, 2019

#2 yeah, just press and hold move left/right would be great
remove static buttons for seat warmers, re-purpose them.

Joshan | August 19, 2019

No thank you, Seat warmers get WAY more use from me than fan controls.

Joshan | August 19, 2019

not sure I have ever gone in the fan controls in over 6 months of ownership. I just change the temps on the main screen only.

HughManatee | August 19, 2019

@joseb, i think that's already a thing, if i understand you correctly. Long press on the temperature (not the actual fan) and drag left and right to adjust temp, which will accordingly adjust fan speed. Unless you're talking about JUST fan speed.

Joseb | August 19, 2019

@HughManatee I'm talking just about fan speeds, I know I can adjust temp. Sometimes I just want more air being blown for example after going on a hike, volleyball, workout session, without having a freezin cabin.

Rest of the time, yeah, I just let Auto AC take care of it.

geoffdorn | August 19, 2019

1.Someone said it before, fan speed should be on a slider like the temp. also it would be nice if you could hit the fan button and have it work from the scroll wheel.
2. Please fix the wipers before fall.
3. Tidal
4. Home car wash mode: mirrors out, windows up, stereo on with doors shut.

mjteders | August 19, 2019

@scotch, agree with #2 in OP. The right scroll button would seem to be a perfect solution. Scroll up for more fan speed, scroll down for less fan speed.

Jodi3734 | August 19, 2019

You can set your mirrors to always fold at Home. Mine don’t unfold after charging.

CharleyBC | August 19, 2019

Voice commands for all of the above"

"Wiper speed three"
"Slower fan speed"
"Cabin temp 71"
"Stop phantom braking, you silly car"

Stuff like that.

gmr6415 | August 19, 2019

I believe a lot of the requests above are supposed to be coming in new voice commands, such as fan speed and wiper controls. The last update or two added turn and off sentry mode to the voice commands, so I would think the others are coming soon.

For me:

1) add the rear camera to the dash cam
2) record the navigation on the touchscreen along with dash cam, so you can prove location and date and time
3) do a better job of stabilizing the dancing cars when at a stop light. The last update seems to be a great improvement, but it's time to fix it.

jeff | August 19, 2019

1. Focus all development resources on improving AP and FSD versus quirky games.
2. Same as 1
3. Same as 1

CharleyBC | August 19, 2019

Oh, friendlier Sentry Mode. If it tells me four events, let me touch the notice and have it show me the times of those four events. With a button by each one that would show me the relevant video clip--including which of the three cameras. Don't make me watch nothing on the front cam if the situation was on the right cam, for example. That'd be handy.

gmr6415 | August 19, 2019

@CharleyBC +1, let me view it on the touchscreen.

jimglas | August 19, 2019

1. Warp drive
2. Cloaking device
3. Ejection seat

Seriously...Sentry + Car cooling ( not mutualy exclusive). It sould be nice to be able to use sentry mode even when the car is parked out in the sun. Now, the internal temp goes to 140 when sentry mode is on

swanson21 | August 19, 2019

Yes, fan speed controls...I miss my 1982 Honda Civic controls that immediately adjusted fan speed, without needing to look at it, sorry, it's really a feature from the past that almost all newer cars have done away with, as with the electronic fan controls...and Tesla is the absolute worst since you have to navigate through multiple menus and small icons to change a simple fuxking fan speed!

RWD ☰ | August 19, 2019

1. Sport Mode for Driving (Non P Models), could adjust steering to sport, and disable traction control?
2. Sentry Footage from Display or Phone.
3. Fold Mirrors from App.

apodbdrs | August 19, 2019

@scotch, RFM!

1. Your case is unique, mirrors don't fold, unless you set them to do that.
2. Use the right scroll wheel to increase or decrease fan speed. Adjustment has been there for a year.
3. USB fash drives work fine, I use a 256 GB

andy | August 20, 2019

@Joshan as far as I can tell the Tesla only has a hard speed cap that can be set, not a speed limiter as implemented in other cars. The speed cap, once set, doesn't look to be easy to vary. I need to be able to change it in real-time without distraction and the speed limit changes tend to be at times when you beed maximum concentration.

We have variable mandatory speed limits that change in real-time, enforced by cameras, and don't match the GPS. I need to be able to drive the car as you would in cruise, but using a speed limiter to vary the maximum speed according to the signage in place at any one time. On the motorway, when it gets busy, the speed may change form 60 to 50 to 40 to 60 then back to 70. On rural roads the speed limit varies between 30 and 60 and in residential areas between 20 and 40.

Other cars have an extra button that is the same as the one that engages cruise or autpilot, but sets a maximum current speed rather than the cruise speed. The car also slows to the new speed so that you can use it in advance of a sign. The same controls are used to vary the speed limiter as are used to vary the cruise/autopilot speed.

A speed limiter greatly reduces your workload at the time she you most need it as you have a constant visual reminder of the limit that you have set and you retain full control of the acceleration and steering.This is particularly variable in congested motorways as, using cruise as a workaround, you risk performing illegal undertakes if the flow n the other lans doesn't match.

Using cruise as a workaround also has a disadvantage as the car doesn't remember the previous setting. I reverts to the GPS speed, which can be 30mph or so higher than the current legal limit.

DirkFirkin | August 20, 2019

1) Remover heated seats from home screen. I‘m fed up switching mine on when trying to access fan/ac all summer.

2) Add speed sign recognition, not what Google maps thinks the speed limit is. VW has had this for at least 6 years.

3) Fix auto wipers - this is not rocket science. Model 3 has to catch up with the rest of the motor industry.

jvcesare | August 20, 2019

@CharleyBC Also need voice control for the headlights. I occasionally drive on an accident prone section of road that requires daylight headlights. It is very dangerous to try and switch them on while driving.