feedback on walk away auto lock

feedback on walk away auto lock

I would like the option of having this feature be active only when I'm not at home. I park in a garage and it's quite silly to have to take the phone with me to the garage to get some item I may have forgotten in the car (which is locked due to walk away auto lock being an unconditional setting).

jerrykham | August 26, 2019

@Rob - this forum isn't really a feedback forum. Tesla employees don't generally read it. It is more for people to ask questions of each other and assist each other. Nothing wrong with posting your thoughts - but you aren't going to get any feedback on them from Tesla here and are just likely to get other folks arguing with you about them.

rob_wickham | August 26, 2019

thanks Jerry. and I like the last 44% of your name quite a bit.

EVRider | August 26, 2019

Now that you’ve been given some tips for searching in your other thread, if you use your new search skills you’ll find this is a common request. One workaround: create a separate driver profile for parking at hone, with auto lock disabled, and switch to that profile before getting out of the car at home. To make sure you remember to switch back to the regular profile, change the mirror and/or seat position in the home profile.