1st road trip - UP of MI to Canada - MX (Raven)

1st road trip - UP of MI to Canada - MX (Raven)

Just completed a 1,600 mile round trip from our cabin in the Upper Peninsula of MI to Toronto by way of Port Huron . . . North Bay, ON and then back home by way of Sault Ste Marie. No Super Chargers in the UP at present so we had to plan carefully. Drove 195 miles to Naubinway and spent the night in a ma & pa that had free access to a Tier II charger and brought the battery up to 95% or so over night. Super Chargers galore in the LP of Michigan and Canada, and we will have three in Marquette, Escanaba and Sault Ste Marie, ON very soon. Lots and lots of Teslas in the Toronto area. Spent the night in Brimely, MI 15 miles or so west of the Soo that also had free access to a Tier II charger and charged to 100% . . . making the non-stop, 4-hour or 225 mile trip home with miles to spare. Observations:

1) What a ride!!!
2) Very, very comfortable seating. I've driven BMWs for the last 30 years. No comparison. I've read complaints from some about seat comfort. These folks must all have hemorrhoids.
3) Some minor operating idiosyncrasies (i.e. adaptive cruise control), but as one becomes more acclimated with the car they will quickly be forgotten and replaced with new driving habits
4) Car rides well, though a little sluggish from a handling perspective compared to a BMW X3 (unfair comparison)
5) Spacious cabin and luggage area behind the 2nd row seat
6) Drove the car the entire trip on "CHILL" - standard suspension and standard steering . . . see little reason to change
7) Auto pilot/self driving is fun
8) A little concerned with tire wear. Although the car is driven gently . . . tire wear after a total of 2,226 miles on the odometer suggests that making 20,000 miles on the Continental Cross Contact LX Sports might be a bit of a challenge
9) If there was any wind noise . . . I couldn't hear it. Car is very quiet at full cruising speed
10) Drove the car with two bicycles on the rear hitch bike rack with negligible effect on battery use

All in all . . . very happy with the decision to go with the Tesla MX and looking forward to the upcoming trip to Memphis in mid October!!

Madatgascar | August 31, 2019

Good to hear! I just took our new X from so Cal to northern Arizona. Great ride!

Only one comment... if the car felt a “little sluggish” it may be because you did the entire trip in CHILL mode and standard steering and suspension. Try the other settings!

David N | September 1, 2019

@CatTrax. “These folks must all have hemorrhoids.”
Got a good chuckle from that, thank you.