Tesla community group chat !

Tesla community group chat !

Thought of creating this, so folks can discuss/ help out each other in a real time tesla community group chat on telegram, will be great to see all tesla fans, experts n newbies there.

Join away - - -

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aaron85 | August 31, 2019


pagustafson | December 30, 2019

Battery mysteriously draining?!
I just picked up my M3 Standard Rang Plus with FSD (w/o connectivity package). Updated to latest Software yesterday. Did a reboot (brake pedal+scroll wheels). Yesterday and today, the battery is draining at a rate of 1-2miles an hour. Sentry is off now. (yesterday it was on). Heating is off. As far as I can tell nothing is draining the battery. It is a little cold out. Just did a 90% supercharge this morning. I can't keep it plugged in, I use the nearby SC or a pay-charger in my condo complex as needed. Any tips? From what I've read, it should drain when parked at a rate of 1Mile/day (And about 1Mile/hour with Sentry on). What's the deal Neil?

Lonestar10_1999 | December 30, 2019

It will drain quicker in cold weather than warm weather.

leo33 | December 30, 2019

If you dont use summon, try turning off summon standby mode.

andy.connor.e | December 30, 2019

Why are there 50 topics being bumped to the top with people having "battery issues". Its like every month there is a swarm of new "issues" that apparently vanish after a week of flooding posts.

susancejka | January 16, 2020

my tire pressure indicator says it is not working. is there a way to fix this without paying tesla $900