SuperCharging - Free then Cost now Free again? What

SuperCharging - Free then Cost now Free again? What

My S was delivered very late in June 2019. I was a little shocked when the salesperson informed me that SuperCharging was NOT included anymore. This is my third S and love these cars so much I reluctantly say OK. I found out that Tesla doesn't charge for SuperCharging anymore. I have been trying for almost two weeks to have my car put on free charging, but I have talked to no one yet except the promise of a return call...AND no response to my emails. What the heck!!!!

Has anyone else bought a new Tesla just before the program was changed? Any suggestions on what to do?????? It puzzles me as to why Tesla just doesn't step up and do the right thing!

andy.connor.e | September 6, 2019

Model S and X have gotten free supercharging with a new purchase. Model 3 has gotten a small amount of free charging for free but not lifetime. They took it away and its back again. But if you didnt purchase when it was offered then you dont get it.

TabascoGuy | September 6, 2019

How much do you spend a month supercharging?

(I'm just trying to calculate how much the "right thing" is worth)

tperone | September 6, 2019

Andy - that is still BS to change mid-stream like that. When I asked my sales person, she said 'well, in the beginning, they offered it free to build up sales, but now they don't need to do that anymore. Then two weeks after I purchase my car, they reinstate the free charging.

tperone | September 6, 2019

Tabasco - I'm not sure because I have not had the car long enough. I do pay about 24 cents per KH which is lower than Tesla's 28 cents. I'm driving about 1500 miles per month.

EVRider | September 6, 2019

This comes up all the time, whenever Tesla makes a hardware, price, or referral program change. Some people win (for example, ordering just before a price increase), other people lose. How can Tesla make it right for everyone whenever they make a change?

Here’s an example from personal experience: the price of my 2018 S100D dropped significantly a few weeks after I took delivery — should Tesla have refunded me the difference in price? Of course not.

TabascoGuy | September 6, 2019

So it costs you about $99.00 a month to charge. It costs me about $400.00 a month to put gas in my SUV and I only live 5 miles from work. Wanna trade?

I didn't think so.

andy.connor.e | September 6, 2019

Ya this is just another rrreeeeeee'ing thread. The more the better.

Maxxer | September 6, 2019

Humans suffer twice as much more from feel of loss than a win. The overall wealth is not included in the balance.

The way the OP feels is just normal, it is hardwired in our genes from selective evolution for survival of the fittest.

Go read « Thinking Fast and Slow » from Danial kahneman. plenty of randomized high quality studies show that.

human is not a rational animal unfortunately.

tperone | September 6, 2019

Well, as a person who has considered himself open minded and full of common sense who hears all sides of something, then taking all the info from others who I have asked for help (weather in my business or on this blog) I have decided not to pursue this any further, with the hopes that I won't think of this each time I fill up at a Tesla SuperCharger. Sad for now, but I'll get over it! Thank you boyz!

bryce | September 7, 2019

I purchased my car on July 24th. Only like 8 days before they offered free lifetime supercharging on model x which I purchased for $118k. Have had nothing but issues with the car and they won't even give me the courtesy of offering it to me in good faith. my car has been in for service 2 twice in 5 weeks. and currently has been in service for about a week now. With a crappy loaner model s with no auto pilot with a small battery pack. I have been telling all my friends and family about my bad experience and bad service I have received. They have lost much more than the supercharging would cost for me. I don't even have a supercharger within 30 miles of me. So I would likely only use maybe 1 time per month. I have emailed the support email with no luck. I have asked multiple times for a corporate office phone number which they refuse to give. I just want everyone to know they no longer care about doing the right thing, or actually fixing issues with a brand new vehicle.

Yodrak. | September 8, 2019

Incentives come and go with all car brands. They just come and go faster with Tesla.

jimglas | September 8, 2019

@Bryce sounds like FUD to me.

rxlawdude | September 8, 2019

Bitching about having to pay for Supercharging, yet the bulk is FUD or off-topic whining.

"I don't even have a supercharger within 30 miles of me. So I would likely only use maybe 1 time per month."

So why the big deal about not having free SpC after spending $118K on a car?