add information on interior temperature to screen

add information on interior temperature to screen

I would like to advocate that Tesla add information on interior temperature to the information on the screen. Many of us can see the interior temperature on our cell phone app, but not when we are in the car. Hopefully we can convince you with a future software upgrade to add this information

I'd like to know the temperature for several reasons. One is to minimize use of AC to save energy on longer trips. Second, I am an atmospheric scientist and am just curious about temperature. Third, I heard high temperatures are not good for the longevity of the computer screen. Finally, I just bought sun shades to try and reduce inside temperature and want to know how effective they are. | September 6, 2019

It's been asked for before, but so far nothing. My guess is the accuracy is low. When looking at it remotely, you don't really care if it is +/- 5 degrees, but it would be very annoying to have it show 77F and you have climate set to 72F and it never seems to get there and you're comfortable. What makes it perhaps more complicated is there are multiple temp sensors in the car. Do you show the dashboard temp, floor temp, roof temp? I don't know where the sensors are, but just showing an example of how it may be a bit more complex than we'd expect.

Tesla2018 | September 6, 2019


Tesla2018 | September 6, 2019


EVRider | September 7, 2019

None of the other cars I’ve owned showed the interior temperature. I don’t see the need, since when you’re in the car, it only matters what the temperature feels like to you.

jordanrichard | September 7, 2019

Which part fo the interior would you like to know what the temperature is? The floor area will be cooler than the ceiling. I don’t know about the Model 3, but in the S and X, the interior temperature sensor is just above the USB ports. This puts at the midway point between the floor and ceiling.

Also, AC uses very little power, vs heat.

Yodrak. | September 8, 2019

If you use the Auto setting for the climate control you will see on the screen pretty much what the interior temperature is - it will be what you set it at. If you want to save on AC (or heat) while on trips, adjust your comfort level regardless of the number, then read the setting you're comfortable with if you need to know the number.