Supercharger Speed Question

Supercharger Speed Question

My 2019 Model X P100D will not charge over 200-300 miles an hour on a supercharger? This is with the battery being at optimal SOC (above 20% SOC, temperature is not the cause) This is using a set of stalls all to myself. There is a model 3 in the family and at the same super charger (V2 150kw) the Model 3 is charging at 599 or so miles an hour of course before tapering off at 80+ percent. The model X is taking twice as long to charge between 20-80%

Is there an issue with the vehicle? I assume the model x should take advantage of full V2 supercharger speeds? I’m aware model S and X won’t be able to utilize V3 at this current moment. But I don’t see why my MX is taking twice as long to charge.

inconel | September 6, 2019

You should look at how much kW you are getting. Because the X uses more power per mile, its charging speed in miles per hour will be lower.

For example let's say the X charges at 120kW and uses 400W per mile and the model 3 charges at 150kW and uses 250W per mile. Charging speed will be 300 mph for the X (120,000 / 400) and 600 mph for the 3 (150,000 / 250)