First morning and my Tesla has shifted to Tesla HQ

First morning and my Tesla has shifted to Tesla HQ

The car’s position shifted to Tesla HQ in California overnight, I had agreed to the car’s first update to 2019.28.2 320fba0

For me this is a serious security issue.

UK car thieves are apparently picking up Tesla’s and driving off with them on a flatbed. With the car thinking it is in Tesla HQ in California, likelihood of recovery is impacted.

Are other Owners experiencing this issue?

I am seriously considering installing an independent tracker...

Fix/Advice/Opinions please

Anthony J. Parisio | September 7, 2019

Reboot after all updates. This should fix it.

Bighorn | September 7, 2019

Fear is misplaced. They know where it is until the thief disables geolocation. PIN to Drive solves your concern about theft.

steveg1701 | September 7, 2019

Mine has done that a few times, apparently something resets so the car thinks it's at HQ and it doesn't ping the GPS because it hasn't moved. As soon as it moves it realizes it's "not in Kansas any more"

Yodrak. | September 8, 2019

"UK car thieves are apparently picking up Tesla’s and driving off with them on a flatbed."
"PIN to Drive solves your concern about theft."

How does PIN to Drive prevent a Tesla from being dragged onto a flatbed that drives of with the car on it? Might give the thieves a bit of a problem afterwards, but from the owner's point of view the car is gone.

Daisy the Road ... | September 8, 2019

IIRC, 112 of the 115 stolen US Teslas have been rcovered. I'm far more worried about getting my window broken. | September 8, 2019

@Adrius42 - Not sure why your temporary loss of GPS (which can happen in any car if the GPS signal is lost) is a security issue. In most cases, driving out of the dead zone will restore GPS automatically. If you're concerned about this, you may need to find a better place to park that has GPS. For example, parking in a cement garage or tunnel will not have any GPS. If you install an update, sometimes it will default to Tesla HQ until GPS lock is again received. You could also elect not to install updates when you're in a GPS dead zone if this is a concern to you.

Not much anyone can do about thieves picking up a car and moving it to a flatbed. Doesn't matter if it's a Yugo or a Bugatti. At least with the Tesla, they will not be able to drive it. One solution is to park it in a secure garage (which may not have GPS). I realize not everyone has a garage, but I'm not sure what else can be done. So far it appears to be a unique UK issue. I've not heard this occurring in other countries.

Bighorn | September 8, 2019

The thefts I’m aware of were not dragged away, but were driven off using signal theft from the fob. That’s what can be defeated with a PIN. Nothing is going to stop a determined tow outfit except for an inaccessible parking facility or armed guards.