To whoever's tracking the performance S on the nurburgring next week: Just don't floor it and you'll be aight

To whoever's tracking the performance S on the nurburgring next week: Just don't floor it and you'll be aight

Now that Elon Musk is sending a model S to the nurburgring to try and beat the Taycan's record, I hope that they really tested the battery system on a simulation to maximize the overall performance. The perfect power withdraw across every stretch of the track to prevent overheating while getting the fastest time possible.

Hopefully this is not another rushed decision just because Porsche pissed him off with that turbo badge B.S. and all the Tesla-bashing Porsche has been doing with the Taycan.

In theory, the model S is lighter and has more kWh, which translates to faster 0-60 times. The Porsche however has a 2 speed transmission at the rear drive unit. This should be close if everything's done right.

Have they Germaned the hell out of that run and calculated for every variable, including ambient temperature on the day of testing, or are they going to embarrass us? We'll figure out next week "if they ever publish the results"

Good luck Tesla!

PrescottRichard | September 7, 2019

These passive aggressive Taycan posts are gonna happen more and more, aren’t they?

Darthamerica | September 7, 2019

Taycan is the best thing to happen to Tesla since Autopilot!

PrescottRichard | September 7, 2019

I believe there are a lot of posters here that have Taycan envy and are in the closet about it.

I also believe that some here realize all they have to do to get a reaction is put the word ‘Taycan’ in a post. Sending a car to that track is not helping.

Instead of measuring our private parts maybe get people to answer the phones and emails at Tesla service centers?

I also believe that I’m doing exactly what I said- reacting to YAFTP. Shame on me...

Earl and Nagin ... | September 8, 2019

I agree. Its one low-volume market they don't need to spend too much of their capital on as they win the world over to EVs. This will allow them to start profit taking a bit earlier. The new Roadster (maybe the S and 3) will keep Tesla dominant in the eyes of the world so they will still be greatly respected and popular but they won't have to worry about a mid-grade sports car like the Taycan.
Go Tesla! Go Porsche!

Silver2K | September 9, 2019

Darth nailed it!

Although the Taycan is not much competition, it still beat the model s in something and Musk hates losing.

eddyline | September 9, 2019

While it would be really cool to beat a purpose-built sports car on the 'ring with a family sedan, I...bought a sedan. Which can pack more luggage than my last sedan. And accelerates faster than most ICE cars in the environment in which I use it..

And I have(for all intents and most purposes) free motive power. I think it's still a winner, and still love my S.

Darthamerica | September 9, 2019

Elon has said that he views the Model S not only as the best EV, but the best car regardless. Model S is not a race car so beating a Taycan on The Ring is good marketing but ultimately trivial. Porsche will just come back later and best that. On and so forth. Is racing the future of cars or the past? The future of cars is Autonomy. Doing The Ring with autopilot is what Tesla should focus on. Even if slower than Taycan, that would be something truly great that Taycan or any known Porsche has no immediate hope of matching.