Key fob update

Key fob update

My new Model S key fob does not always open the trunk. Today I received the new update that has a key fob update. I thought that my solve the problem. However, when I try to update it it says “update failed”. Does anyone else have the same problems?

EVRider | September 8, 2019

Yes, other people have reported key fob update failures. You can use the search techniques in this article to find other threads about this:

I don’t think the update will fix the trunk issue, since I believe it’s a security update. If your car is fairly new, the key fob is already up to date anyway. I just tried updating the fob for my December 2018 S100D and was told the fob is already up to date.

Maybe you need a new key fob battery?

dougk71 | September 8, 2019

A simple disclosure that those with VIN numbers above a certain number don't need to attempt an update of a key fob that is already up to date might have been nice.
I assume newer cars never were given older model key fobs.