Sun shade options

Sun shade options

In South Texas we are always looking to avoid the sun, so what can I do about the front roof glass? The Tesla sun shade looks pretty weak, especially for the Tesla premium price. With the many reports of glass breakage, can I apply a tint film to the roof?

FISHEV | September 10, 2019

I got the interior sunshade and it works well. Car lives outdoors. It's more the shade it provides while driving that is nice. Blocks a lot of sun, no sun glare and keeps car cooler so saving energy on the AC. Nice part is you can take it down in winter when you want the car warming up with the sunlight.

On tinting the roof, I'd look at wrapping the roof in a solid color that contrasted with the cars color. I liked what BMW did with the Mini where they'd offer different roof wraps like the British Flag or Checkered Flag.

Wattsworth | September 10, 2019

The Tesla shades, top and back, are effective in the Phoenix summer. Quality is good and the fit is perfect. I ended up leaving the top shade in the entire summer.

afetzer | September 10, 2019

Thank you for your input...

TrexTesla | September 10, 2019

I currently have the SUMK sun shades that go on the interior and are like mesh, and removable. They work great. I never thought of wrapping the roof! I don't know much about that stuff...I don't want to cut out all the light. Anyone have any experience with the wraps that you see on cars as advertising that go over a window that are translucent? Seems that's a good way to get sunlight (a little less) in and still able to wrap the roof in an alternate color, no?

bjrosen | September 10, 2019

I used this one

We added a sheet of paper between the mesh and the glass. My wife's eyes are very sensitive and she doesn't want any sun in them, thus the addition of the paper.

Trekman | September 10, 2019

Thanks for this. I simply couldn't afford the ones from Tesla. Great price here.

M3phan | September 10, 2019

The factory tints on the roof glass are very good in my estimation. Block the heat and the light and the uv very well. We are also in a triple digit summer heat state.

Trekman | September 10, 2019

Yea the tints work good, but I find myself at a Supercharger when the sun is directly overhead, and I like to stay in the car (and catch up on text/emails etc) while charging and I'm guessing this will make it a little more comfortable. At this price it's worth a try.

M3phan | September 10, 2019

Oh yes, the ambient temp in the car can get super hot sitting still for sure.

M3phan | September 10, 2019

(Without AC running)

Trekman | September 10, 2019

and I've heard you're not suppose to run the AC while Supercharging, is that right?

gmr6415 | September 11, 2019

I agree with @FISHEV on the Tesla sunshade. My M3 is parked outside too, and I think the sunshade saves when using cabin overheat protection.

That said, when we went on a trip up north this past winter I removed the sunshade and found that once the sun came up it helped heat the car saving on heating costs.

I don't know about the others, but the ease of removal and reinstallation of the Tesla sunshade is nice. I will say the clips are easy to lose though. I lost one early on, and I've now glued the remaining three to the sunshade.

gmr6415 | September 11, 2019

@Trekman, Why? That's not true. You're using very little energy on AC.

stevehendler | September 11, 2019

gmr - I've heard using the AC to cool the cabin takes away from the ability to cool the battery pack.

derotam | September 11, 2019

I've heard if you pet the charging cable, the electrons move faster...I heard it from only one random guy, but he posted it on the internet so it must be true.

gmr6415 | September 11, 2019

@derotam +1,

@stevehendler, Did you ask yourself if that's so why would Tesla be putting games in the car that can be used to burn time while at a supercharger and why Tesla is getting ready to allow viewing video in the web browser, so you can watch movies while you charge if you want to?

Have you ever been at a supercharger in South FL where it's almost 100˚ and 100% humidity outside? Do you think all of those people sitting there with their windows rolled up are just sitting there sweating their asses off?

The computer will always protect the battery and sacrifice cabin temperature if needed. Drive up a long, steep mountain road when it's 95+ outside. Now and then you will feel the AC output temp change just slightly in order to help cool the battery. It's modulated by the Coolant Reservoir Valve determining the amount of coolant sent through the chiller as or if needed.

Page 132 of the manual:
Note: When charging, particularly at high currents, the refrigerant compressor and fan operate AS NEEDED to keep the Battery cool. Therefore, it is normal to hear sounds during charging.

Note: Air conditioning performance is generally not affected by charging. However, under certain circumstances (for example, you are charging at high currents during a particularly warm day), the air coming from the vents may not be as cool as expected and a message displays on the touchscreen. This is normal behavior and ensures that the Battery stays within an optimum temperature range while charging to support longevity and optimum performance.

gmr6415 | September 11, 2019

Wrong image link above. My apologies.

jd4714 | September 11, 2019

I have the Tesla sun shade for the front roof glass and it really helps here in the S FL heat. I have the rear roof tinted so don’t have one there.

akabillygoat | September 11, 2019

I've had my eye on this shade system. It has an optional heat insulation film that goes between the screen and the glass. I'm tempted to get but haven't pulled the trigger yet.