50 business days and still no refund

50 business days and still no refund

I purchased a used Model X P100D from the Tesla site and the day before I was going to take delivery Tesla salesman called me telling me that a brand new one would be cheaper so I ordered and took delivery of a new model X performance. So I canceled the used one I never took delivery.

I had a 85K loan from a third party lender (EE credit union) and they mailed the check to Tesla and Tesla cashed it.

Tesla said they’ll need up to 30 days to process the refund and then they said 45 business days and I waited.

I’ve been emailing Tesla now for 2 weeks, maybe 8 emails sent all go ignored.

I am making two car payments for two months now and to top it off the bank added $175 a month to insure the car i don’t own. In total with interest Im paying almost $300 a month I’ll never see back.

I just want Tesla to mail back a check to the bank so they can cancel my loan. This is so unfair. I can’t afford this! My friend told me if they keep ignoring you to contact Los Angeles Times to write a story about it. I’m going nuts

Dramsey | September 12, 2019

Try contacting an attorney.

Alex310 | September 15, 2019

Looks like a news outlet and attorney is going to be my only route.

artc1688 | September 16, 2019

this is terrible and hope you will get a resolution quickly! I wonder for those who purchased a Tesla and decided to return it within 7 days if they also experience similar experience?

canonguy12 | September 16, 2019

On that note, teh insurance companies refund up to 6 months of paid premium if you show them you never took ownership of the vehicle. At least PROGRESSIVE does. First hand experience.