See what’s saved

See what’s saved

The current PDF version of the manual says that tapping the Driver Profile icon can bring up "A popup window lists all the settings that are saved to driver profiles." I can’t figure out how to make this work. Is there a trick I’m missing or is the manual incorrect?

walnotr | September 13, 2019

I think what it is referring to is when you select a driver profile go to the general settings and select all the settings that driver desires, save the profile, then select the other drivers profile, do the same thing and save that profile. When you go back to the first profile, the setting screens should should show their settings.

Also, be sure to check your settings after an update as they can sometimes change.

EVRider | September 14, 2019

@walnotr: No, that’s not what the manual is referring to. There’s supposed to be a “See what’s saved” window that lists all the settings saved in a profile, but it appears this feature is missing in at least some Model 3s.